31 July 2013

Happy Birthday Copperwitch

it's Copperwitch's birthday
and we're frocking-up
There'll be plenty of cake
I'll be virtually giving her this tiara gift
then we'll  chat about people like Ted Baillieu and J. K. Rowling who share the actual day, Leos Barack Obama and Daniel Radcliffe, and Leo women like Coco Chanel,  Jacqueline Bouvier,  Sandra Bullock  (I saw The Heat today and laughed myself sick), Helen Mirren, J-Lo,  Madonna, and skater Jane Torvill
(Coppy is a skates freak and Blades Of Glory is her favourite film because Baz Luhrid didn't actually go as far as to put his Moulin Rouges [her other favourite film] on skates)
then we will  drink to her health 
 and wish her many more happy returns of the day.


  1. The cakes are fabulous and I know JahTeh will look lovely in the tiara.
    Happy Birthday Coppy! and many, many more.xoxoxoxo

  2. Yep, happy birthday Jah Teh. I know you will have many more. You like to see people suffer.

  3. Testing Testing Testing

  4. Rah Rah Annie O, I have a voice again.
    Swine, Andrew.
    I love that peacock cake, it's a masterpiece and all three of those dresses combined would cover one of my legs.
    Best present ever, being able to comment again.

  5. What a beautiful birthday post. How well you celebrate her. She must be so glad for friends like you.


  6. Thanks Petticoats, Andrew, Brian and River. What a classy party we are.
    Drat I should have added an image of the Perrier-Jouet Champagne because the art-nouveau bottle is very peacocky. Never mind, at least it didn't run out.
    Copperwitch's other passion is lace, and I had considered staging this party in The Irish Lace Museum, then realised we could get so relaxed we'd spill cake and bubbly over the beautiful stuff.

  7. The only thing I know about Astrology is that Leo's are the Best!