15 April 2013

hair! heir!

I would have said that Johnny Rotten was 'a child of Thatcherism'.
Wrong wrong wrong.
So my education by blogging continues today when dreary tubby old Johnny is in the news of two continents alongside the passing of Margaret Thatcher ex-PM of the UK.
I was there in 1976 for it all, so I should know better than thinking that the initial UK 'Punk' movement of fashion/music/behaviour came out of the society created by Thatcher governing.
In fact, poor Margaret had to preside (after 1979) over the punked society that actually fomented under Harold Wilson the 1974-76 PM.
Why it did is a mystery to me because he was very kind to the battlers (do read his Wikipedia entry - no really). For articulate comment on this week in London, please read That's So Pants (which never is).


  1. I was tickled to read of a twitter debacle over her death. Seeing the message thatcher dead, a number of people started to mourn, not for Margaret, but for Cher. No capitals and no punctuation led to the errors. Oops.
    I didn't like what Margaret did at all, but neither am I comfortable with parties celebrating her demise.
    Just the same I think it is entirely appropriate that little Johnny Howard will represent Oz at her funeral. I have absolutely no doubt that he did like (love) what she did and stood for.

  2. oh El Chi good to see you and I agree with you. Yes I thought that Cher mistake was gold. PM Gillard so smart to ask JWH to represent us. I see today that yet another convicted criminal has been invited. There'll be quite a few.
    IF ex-PM Thatcher had a huge and loving family, the ugly dancing would be stomped on more thoroughly; but her two children hadn't been near her in yonks, and neither are likable. This will be Gillard at the end. Women cannot lead and have the happy family as well. Men can lead, and have a family, but mostly their family just puts up the pretense of happiness. sigh.

  3. Wilson was a good bloke and achieved some things, but England needed strong reform, not of the kind that Thatcher did, but reform that did not chuck people on scrap heaps. Had he have done so, Thatcher would not have behaved in such an extreme manner. Thatcher was eighties, well after punk and anti establishment music.

    I read about the Cher mistake too. It amused me. Had I have seen it in its pure form, I think I would have gone for thatchers dead.

    I just heard today, £32 for a glass of champers at the Ritz. I wonder who was paying for her stay there?

  4. I don't know I can say anything sensible about either of them, except to use her ferocious rebuttal to interviewer George Negus, where she asks him to name all the people that were talking negatively about her. I loved that! When Mr Bliss starts espousing stuff he knows little about, as he is want to do, I crack right back at him ask for names, addresses and phone numbers. Gold!

    Johnny Rotten, now there's a tool.....

  5. but Robyn, if Mr Bliss or Mr Negus immediately gave names dates and references, you would think him mad to have noted them. I have files, so I can say to doubters "no, no, just look at this!".
    Andrew The Ritz suite was complimentary from the Barclay family who own it and own The London Telegraph. if the champers is £32 then I shudder at the cost of a suite for a day, much less "since Christmas".
    I was irritated that some lady funeral guests wore cocktail fascinators instead of proper day hats. Janette Howard got a close-up and she has sure chunked-up. The highlight was the beautiful coffin flowers ... or the enormous rumbling sound of 3000 people simultaneously sitting or rising I forget which.
    Yes Robyn, Johnny Rotten was always a tool and now he is a very tubby tool. So funny for those of us who recall 1976. X X

  6. Indeed! He has,of course, a lucrative butter commercial to protect !And do you remember Ben Elton?Where's he been these past days? He made a whole career on the back of criticizing Thatcher.Probably a moral there...but I will avoid thinking about!