13 March 2013

cat a tonic

This is Kitty and her tubbyguts spread on the table next to the keyboard. 
The most interesting thing to happen all day really because ...
see the dongle flashing blue-to-go as if everything is alright?
see the screen box saying "what dongle?   what blue light?"
all day.  I zo zick of Telztra.


  1. Kitty, and what my vet calls 'fat pads' is beautiful. And I hear you about Telstra. Loud and clear.

  2. Kitty's tummy looks very like our Willy's tummy these days. Middle age has caught up with him and his middle.

    Haven't dealt much with Telstra so can't comment here, but I have a Telstra dongle which I tried to use with my laptop computer last year when the renos were happening. Found out I had to get a new Sim card as the old one had expired, because I hadn't used it for a year. The new Sim worked fine while I was using it. Now it has probably expired.

  3. SHeeSH! I have had a friend complaining of something similar last week (and for a whole week).

    I hope that telecommunications company have resolved it now and given you a little compensation besides.


  4. I don't really care if my spending dolla is only a drop in the ocean but I cannot bear the thought of giving smelstra one more dollar than I have to. I'm in the process of changing everything to optus, but trying not to get too excited thinking that it'll change much.
    I'm using a telstra dongle temporarily, and boy does it get hot. Maybe yours melted inside. On a positive note, in urban areas, getting 4G is pretty neat because it's so fast!

  5. A bit like my cat Tiger who has to lie splayed out because she has a big tummy

  6. Yakster? boy does it get hot? observe the lid off mine. didn't help though. previous dongle (the one which broke) did not get beyond warm. OPTUS is owned by Singapore now. Indonesia owns Origin Energy. we cannot win.

    Petticoats? 'compensation' ? hilarious. you could do standup. there are times every day when no connection is forthcoming.

    Middle Child: I have to lay splayed out too, + El Chi + Anne S: a fat kitty is a loved kitty. everyone loathes Smelstra (thanks Yak) and the glamorous retail outlets merely suggest one telephones The ESL operators for answers to any question. and we all tolerate this.
    Bet our Minister Of Telecommunications has so many phone numbers she/he can't remember them all, pays for none of them, and doesn't think Smelstra is failing anywhere. an organisation with a personality disorder: they can't believe the majority hate having to deal with them.

  7. Just back from Adelaide, and must give plaudits to Internode for setting up free internet access in the City Centre, and to the City Fathers for their provision of free tram travel in the city and for Seniors generally in off peak times. Much love Annie. Nelly M.

  8. The Joys Of Technology Often Makes Us Paws............