29 March 2013

black spot Friday

The internet is for nothing if it's not for cats, and this is dear crabby Kitty sleeping as she does so well and often. Her black-spot paw seems cute to me. When I got her, aged about 6 weeks, from the hot grubby but well-intentioned hands of some children in my street who had failed to convince their mother that she needed this new pet found in a paddock*, I took her to work everyday in a box so I could dropper-feed her. Lucky to have such a nice work environment, I now find other workplaces do cat stuff too. Click this link for the Kitten Races Office. * Yes I did find and catch the wild mother cat and when I got them together they spat at each other. wishing you all a safe, holy and chocolatey Easter.


  1. Oh I agree the internet is indeed nothing without cats. About time I updated Cat Pol with some more cat pics.

    Thanks too for the link to the kitten races - I'm jeolous. Beats snail races, which we used to have in the past at Cup Day parties, though they were pretty funny. BTW no snail was harmed in the procees, but we did keep seeing snails with numbers on their shells, for several days afterwards.

  2. Black spot paw is very cute. A cat with white feet from long ago had one black toe - and it made my heart melt every time I looked at her. Because of that toe my partner called her Claw. Or Craw (she had an appetite too).

    Thank you for that link - loud smiles. None of the kittens I have known would have stayed in their lanes for long though.

    A safe and chocolately Easter to you too.

  3. There is something about rescued cats that seems to make the bonding process that much stronger. Our much-loved Chloe was the most affectionate moggie, and Zoe's Copper is a real smoocher. So glad Kitty is a happy cat!! Nelly M. xxx

  4. The cuteness of pink paws with a splodge. Meltingness!
    One third of my waking hours are devoted to Cat Rescue. I love finding them happy homes and even more, I love seeing pictures of them in their happy homes.