26 January 2013

not keen Keane

I get the bus. 
I got a MYKI on the first day it was sold in Ballarat in the winter of 2009. On arriving home I telephoned to register it and spoke with ‘Luke’. He gave me various security code numbers which I noted, but registering online-use proved too difficult for him to achieve and we both gave up. I should have realised how important this was.
I topped it’s balance up by $20 only days ago and used it normally on Tuesday 22nd January.
On Thursday 24th it was stone dead unusable. I bought a Daily ticket to travel.
On arriving home I went online to deal with my various MYKI numbers and ‘register’. 
No deal because ‘your MYKI has expired’.
I start from first-base to re-register and purchase online. DOB, address and phone are required in order to catch a bus. After giving all that, I got – ‘we already have that name’, ‘that email’ etc.
It would seem that I was supposed to organise my online use, and a new card, with transfer of my $20 balance, sometime before Wednesday 23rd January. 
 Where was that written? 
 How many thousands of similar balances are now in limbo?
‘Keane Australia Micropayment Consortium Pty Ltd (Kamco) is the Melbourne-based company

‘Kamco is wholly owned by Keane International Incorporated, a privately owned IT services company

From their ‘Overview’ page:
‘Employing more than 100 people in Melbourne, Australia, Kamco also boasts a dedicated team of software developers and testers in Hyderabad, India 
From their FAQ page: ‘Kamco is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It also uses a dedicated development and testing team operating out of Hyderabad, India.’

‘Keane has been in operation since 1965, employing more than 10,000 people across 11 countries.
Kamco was formed in 2005 to bid for the New Ticketing Solution.

‘Kamco is a single purpose entity, established to build and operate the myki ticketing system on behalf of the State Government of Victoria.

In July 2005 Kamco was awarded the contract to build, operate and maintain the NTS (myki) system. Kamco is contracted to run the myki system for 10 years following implementation. Key among those subcontractors has been Giesecke-Devrient, which provides the cards and ACS Solutions Switzerland, which provides the software, maintenance, and: 1,000 ticket vending machines, 12,200 fare payment machines, 2,500 bus driver consoles, 1,000 tram driver consoles, 1,500 hand held devices for Transit Inspectors, 220 train station gates, 220 ticket office terminals, and 900 retail terminals'.  (for those 94,000 square miles of State - Ed.)

Keane Australia Micropayment Consortium Pty Ltd (Kamco) is at Level 14, 628 Bourke Street, Melbourne.
 I would like Level 14 at 628 Bourke to go down in history as the site of 


  1. You've given Myki a lot more time and faith than I care to. Sometimes, when we are resistant to change it is valid. I only hope TO and I downsize to another state before the dreaded ticket inspectors pick a fight with me. In the meantime I shall do my utmost to foul the environment by using a gas-guzzling monster for single-person transport.

  2. All the people and public transport blogs etc that I follow, and you have told me more than any of them. You should have received an email to alert you that your Myki was about to expire. I know you are scratching your head trying to remember which email address you used. Ah, after re-reading, you card was not a registered one. Lucky you that you can buy a daily on the bus.

  3. heh heh ... me too. I love the suspense and punch line

  4. I've been using Myki for a couple of years now and prefer it to the old metcard system. The Senior's Myki is great - it's cheap, for one and it's free on the weekends. However, I do agree that the whole Myki thing has been badly managed and the government has been short sighted in not anticipating the confusion occasioned by the cessation of the metcard. The Myki site is all about promotion, but doesn't give any real information on its home page about card expiration and other such stuff. That information is in the users area after you log in.

  5. I'm digging your photocollection of the Hyderbad transit system, and I look forward to being baffled & confused by the myki system in the near future too.

  6. Yes Andrew - have been buying Daily tix. Yesterday FOUR transit cops, the first in Ballarat I have ever seen so I told them that and accused them of being here (all from Melbourne) because of everyone's expired Mykis and they replied "not just because of that".

    Dear Donkey - 'suspense' I love it. What will happen next? Today the local media will take eyes off bushfires and floods and Myki, because an election date has been announced and they have new headlines to play with.

    Yes Anne - I had no problems at all until my surprise expiry was caused by my unregistered state (not my fault, as an attempt was failed by their operator, and I allowed this as it was about Day 1 of sales). Now I find that the ticket supply locations in Ballarat have run out of new Mykis.

    Thanks YakSox - Victorian buses run from Hyderabad will eventually look like Hyderabad buses.

  7. I'm waiting for my free Seniors Myki, which is supposedly coming with my Seniors Card. Will be interesting to see if I can transfer the balance from my existing Myki.
    Nelly M.

  8. Teething problems. G,d,r.

  9. Anonymous, don't expect to transfer funds between mykis. I have another Myki card I used before I received the seniors Myki & couldn't transfer the remaining balance from it to the senior's card. It was only $2.00 so I didn't bother about it, but I did ask about it & was told it couldn't be done online.

  10. Haven't used it yet - not sure if I will register it on line - I think you can use it as it is - Only have $20 on it so if I lose it...

  11. yes Middle Child - that's what I thought - then my $21 balance went west when they just suddenly EXPIRED all the cards. On top of the usable card balance purchased, every single one of the thousands of MYKI users had to pay $$ for a replacement card - just think of the total of that windfall. an evil plan out of Hyderabad (check the bus images above)where the MYKI software comes from.

  12. The Internet Was Supposed to make things easier !

  13. well it makes it easier for bloggers to speak with the other side of the earth.
    Tony we should have had the Oyster you probably use in Everton. This bazillion-dollar myki system is a financial Black Hole Of Calcutta/Hyderabad ... I mean, we lost the cricket, what else do they want from us!

  14. Further to my earlier comment regarding transferring funds from one Myki card to another, I had to do so today, or rather apply to do so. I had absent mindedly topped up the wrong card in my online account. Easy to do if you're not paying attention and what was my horror when I realised what I had done. Anyway, after a phone call I have filled out the Refund Request Form (available online at the Myki site from the forms link) and there is an option to have the money on one Myki card transferred to another Myki card. It takes a while so I was informed, but hopefully I'll see the money on my seniors Myki in a week or so.

  15. By the way, you have to send the Refund Request Form through snailmail, though they are "generous" enough to provide a reply paid address.