15 December 2012

Casualty ward-off

Well dear reader, what a week.  
Doesn't Tolstoy's killer opening line about 'happy families' come to mind for that holiday?
Just look at that photo on the Order Of Service above.  That is the best photo they have of a woman now gone forever.  One they claim was a joy until Australian radio made her life not worth living.
Well a picture or ten, is equal to a thousand words of contradiction, and I see that this woman was depressed well before she answered that call.

However,  the Barboza-Saldanha family life in Bristol and London, was totally anonymous a week ago, and now, because of a pregnancy and a prank, both by Others, and the subsequent death of their mother/partner, their names get thousands of websearch results. There is no way any of us can be ready for, or survive that, and those kids have my sympathy.
Your FaceBuck photos (happy or not) become a target for newshounds the moment they get your name, so go into them now and edit and delete like mad, just in case you, like these two unfortunate teenagers, become peripheral to a major tabloid moment.
Today after the service for Ms Saldanha at Westminster Cathedral if you don't mind, The Guardian is very diplomatically referring to Mr Barboza as 'the widower'. MSM websites have reported many facts conflicting with others.  The husband is actually a 'partner' according to some.  She was alive when found, or not.  The Mirror published this - 'Police were called to a home in Weymouth Street Central London at 9.35am yesterday after receiving a report of a woman found unconscious.
The address is ­registered in planning documents as hospital accommodation.
Two ­ambulances were sent with a duty officer, however the woman was found dead.'
'however'? We know that building was FULL OF NURSES who know how to do CPR.
Two vehicles was not the prime requirement of the moment.

Someone  (a fellow nurse phoned by Ben Barboza because the "deeply religious" mother of his children had not made her usual phone calls to him)  went to check her flat on Thursday NIGHT and got no response.  There has not been a single reference to anything that happened at the hospital on the Tuesday or Wednesday after the silly call. Amazing claim that the NHS accountant was not told on Tues or Wed of the fuss at the hospital, and the two children were not told by friends or neighbours. The father claims they don't watch TV.
The private ambulance came on Friday morning 9:35am.

I cannot believe though, that a nurse intending to die, would not take the easier option of drugs from the hospital to do it with.  Hanging is unreliable.  There are 2 kinds and the one which does not require a 2-metre drop with the slipknot in just the right spot, is very unreliable. An experienced nurse would know that from all those Saturday nights receiving failed suicides while on casualty duty.
Apparently the MP Keith Vaz, the family advocate, let slip in a radio interview that "the family had not had contact with Jacintha for some time". He is on record as saying the money offered from the radio station is a joke in the face of losing their loved partner (not wife).
In defence of the radio people   I submit that this blurry morose holiday snap
After the actual Inquest next March, when we know what her last messages were, I do hope they absolve the radio people. By next March, the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge should also be secure (everybody knows that the first 20 weeks have the potential for failing), but if it is not (and she is not going well physically or spiritually at the moment) then by the time the official inquest does roll around, a very different slant on the whole thing could be the case. I do not wish this pain on the poor girl, but along with self-harm by the distraught DJs, it is something everyone currently being nasty should consider.
 IF the Duchess loses this infant there will be absolute hell to pay the son of Diana.  His helicopter squadron will probably all help him drop loads of manure (or worse)  on NewsLimited presses.

Second amazing thing is that an entire week after the phone call,  The Second Nurse, the one who actually had a conversation with Her Meljesty, has still managed to keep her name out of the news. a hospital spokesman said. He declined to provide further details, and did not respond to questions about the second nurse's condition. In this image below, is it her in the centre?
Her Meljesty, by the way, at no time on the recorded call, claims to BE a majesty, or anyone other than a "grandmother". It was the 5am end of a night shift for Jacintha who should not have had to watch the switchboard, as the hospital should have had a dedicated and trained telephonist while Mrs Wales was there.
The other fact-of-the-moment is that all the many reports of rampant sexual abuse by multi-various figures of power and popularity in the UK, have been eclipsed by this ridiculous baying for the blood of two Adelaide radio announcers.
I just want to go there and slap everybody, and it is fortunate that the only thing that could have made it all worse - The News Of Rebekah World -  is shut down.


  1. What riches. No posts from you for a while and then this one, to which I can only say a very loud 'hear, hear' and the beauty you gave us in the next post. Thank you for both.

  2. Thanks El Chi. My ordinary and lucky snap of a moth is no match for all your beautiful pictures. X X

    Jennifer Wilson's excellent NO Place For Sheep blog, has posted on the King Eddie Hospital fail and is well worth a clickthrough.

  3. This link to the hospital website has the video of the CEO (a clone of drippy Alastair of As Time Goes By) and now has The Memorial Saldanha Fund click-to-donate button.
    I believe she was already chronically depressed, and when this media tide goes out, everybody will have to be apologising and refunding.
    If I lived in nurses accomm with all my shiftmates, my flat would be party central. Friends would be coming and going all week. I do not understand how the press hordes were not outside that building 'doorstepping' all the nurses in and out, to ask about Mrs Wales, and later, about the phone prank.
    Meanwhile the media tumbril rolls on, distracted by shiny new movement, the latest US school-shooting tragedy. As with M.Bryant, Tasmania, HOW!? did an obviously disturbed young man get those weapons. Ban gunshops.

  4. The on 17th Dec:
    Ian Vogler
    So now we’ve been told - by the only person who really matters in all this ­- that bosses at the Edward VII hospital may have played a part in Jacintha Saldanha’s suicide.

    And we know this because the person telling us is Jacintha herself, who, in one of three suicide notes, attacked senior managers over their treatment of her after that prank call.

    Were these the same bosses who couldn’t wait to tell the world how valued Jacintha was and how supportive they’d been of her?

    Well not supportive enough if, in the last moments of her life, this desperate woman felt the need to leave a written account of what had happened to her at their hands.

    Not surprisingly, the note has left her grieving family furious and her husband, Ben Barboza, now wants to know exactly what happened to his wife in the days following that fateful call.

    And who can blame him? He’ll want to know why, if Jacintha had all this backing from the hospital, she felt the need to take her own life.

    A person would have to feel isolated, desperate and totally devoid of hope to do what she did.

    And why would anyone, especially a mother, end her life in this brutal way if she knew she had the unreserved support of those around her?

    The hospital insists Jacintha wasn’t facing any disciplinary action but we need to know what was actually SAID to her – as something undoubtedly was.

    And I’m wondering why no one at the hospital broke the news of Jacintha’s death to her family, which would have been a decent and supportive thing to do. Instead it was left to the police.

    And why, until early last week, had no one from the hospital even visited her family?

    Especially as one assumes the bosses at the King Edward had already been in touch with the Royal Family to apologise for their appallingly sloppy security.

    Because let’s face it, that call being put through wasn’t the fault of any nurse. It was the hospital’s for having no special measures in place to deal with the worldwide media attention Kate’s presence was attracting.

    It’s also worth remembering that this hospital, which proudly boasts the Queen as its patron, hasn’t just built its reputation on its royal connections... it prides itself on them. And it would be hugely embarrassed if it was shown to be incapable of protecting patients’ privacy, especially a royal patient’s.

    Imagine the anger of senior management after that hoax call. Imagine their fury that this breach of security (as they saw it by two lowly nurses) had not only embarrassed them around the world, it may also have cost them their royal ­patronage, not to ­mention a huge chunk of their multi-million-pound turnover.

    How would anyone who might have put all that at risk be treated I wonder?

    So what Jacintha’s family now need to know is: Was she reassured her job was safe? What exactly was said to her in the aftermath of the prank call and who said it? What do friends and colleagues know about the way she was treated?

    And where is the second nurse who gave out information about Kate? What does she have to say? How was she treated?

    Because her family is right to say that the hospital investigating itself isn’t appropriate. There needs to be an external investigation by people not concerned with the hospital’s reputation, its five-star clientele or its vast profits.

    Just the death of an innocent nurse

  5. I'd treat this with caution, but it looks like you have been pretty close to the money with your assessment, Ann O'Dyne.

    Story: 'Radio hoax nurse 'tried to commit suicide before' Emily O'Keefe, ninemsn
    3:28pm December 23, 2012

    This is only the second time I have posted a comment to your pictographic blog. The first was earlier today to 'Way out West', and it drew a most helpful response from poster Marshall Stacks. I have already passed it along to the LAME involved.

    Is there a 'recent comments' display, and if so how does one navigate to it? Or does one have to be a registered user to have that functionality?

  6. several newspapers have run that she has previously been hospitalised for a failed suicide attempt while visiting family in India. the same family who were previously stating she was 'a joy' and 'always joking'. anyone with a brain who has read every word from the start, can see the whole thing stinks, ie, conflicting reports by press and statements by family. trying to make a Poor Nursey Ruined by Aussies story out of a devious and complex family. 2000 'mourners' at her funeral but none of them phoned or visited her in the days before she succumbed. meh.
    Ann ODyne flamed out of No Place For Sheep, which is actually full of sheep. meh2

    1. I have read the thread on Jennifer Wilson's blog 'No Place for Sheep', to which Ann O'Dyne provided a link above in her comment of 16 December. I am assuming that the flaming-out referred to was done on that thread, and not some other. It would be good if someone like yourself was to take a dispassionate look at that thread to see if its still as bad as Ann O'Dyne thinks.

      I sometimes wonder whether on the blogs of bloggers that have interesting perspectives, but are in some quarters held to be heretical, some posters 'take up residence' in order to perhaps dilute the wider impact of said blog and/or comments. Always a pity when perceptive posters are deterred from contributing because of such tactics.

      Incidentally, I have found sheep on this blog of Ann O'Dyne's, too. I found them on country roads.

  7. 'Jacintha Saldanha, the Indian nurse who committed suicide earlier this month had attempted to kill herself twice last year, Indian media reports have claimed According to a report published in Deccan Herald"
    Mangalore, 22 Dec 2012 (DHNS): The tragic story of Jacintha Saldanha, who committed suicide in her nursing staff quarters in London on December 7, may have much deeper roots than just the humiliation she suffered at the hands of the two Australian Radio DJs two days earlier, on December 5.
    Eleven months before she ended her life, Jacintha had developed suicidal tendencies. She had attempted suicide twice, once on December 30, 2011, and the second time on January 8, 2012, while she was in Mangalore/Shirva on a visit to India for Christmas, according to credible information available with Deccan Herald.

    'On the first occasion, she is believed to have been rushed to a private hospital in Mangalore for treatment after she attempted “self-harm” on December 30. It isn’t clear if she had consumed some poisonous substance then.

    On the second occasion on January 8, however, she was rushed to the city-based Father Muller Medical College Hospital with head injuries following a “fall.” The injury was also causing loss of consciousness for a few seconds at a time. The doctors attending to her diagnosed her with having a “depressive disorder” caused by a history of stress, though they did not have reliable information about the history. Her mood was one of “sadness,” and she suffered from decreased sleep for more than 15 days, because of which she made “two attempts of deliberate self-harm.”

    With her mental condition in such a depressed state (exhibiting death wish, so to say) – unwilling to establish eye-to-eye contact with others, difficulty in establishing rapport, and her decreased volume of talk, tone and increased reaction time, doctors referred Jacintha to psychiatrists on January 10.

    “The patient was taken over by psychiatry on January 10 in view of suicidal risk,” according to information with Deccan Herald. Subsequently, she was under psychiatric treatment at the hospital for four days. At the time of her discharge on January 13, her condition had considerably improved. She was in a “happy” mood, and her psychometer activity was “normal.”

    But while discharging her, the doctors explained to her family attendants that there existed “the risk of deliberate self-harm and the need for 24-hour supervision. The patient party was also advised to administer medication. Informed sources said her medication continued till September.'

  8. These pranksters set out to make fools of people, and celebrate when they succeed. They don't care about the humiliating effect it has on their victims. No one should be surprised when it triggers suicide.

  9. 7th March 2013 - 3 months later we get the Inquest as promised for March, but which is immediately postponed to 26th March. The two SCREAMING SILENCES, the Soldier's Hospital Of Agnes The King's Bit On The Side, and The Second Nurse have obviously Lawyered-Up Bigtime because the family of Ms Saldhana are asking for legal aid. Not usually needed for Inquests, which of course are non-adversarial.
    Several commentors here suggest the family use the $$$$$ they got from the radio station. Worth following the link to read the comments - some are pretty good.

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  11. 28th April and still no inquest so I wonder how the contents of her notes have been leaked to Rupert Murdochs London Times:

    DAVID LEPPARD From: The Times April 28, 2013 11:08AM
    THE nurse who was found hanged after falling victim to a prank call by two Australian DJs to a hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge left a suicide note in which she directly blamed them for her death - and asked her bosses to make them pay her mortgage.
    Jacintha Saldanha, a 46-year-old mother of two, left the handwritten note in her living quarters close to King Edward VII’s Hospital in London where she died last December. In it she exonerates the hospital from any responsibility for her death but singles out the two DJs.
    The note, which was addressed to her managers,
    said: “Please accept my apologies.
    I am truly sorry. Thank you for all your support.
    I hold the Radio Australians Mel Greig and Michael Christian responsible for this act.
    Please make them pay my mortgage. I am sorry. Jacintha."
    Hmmm. I choose to do something, it is your fault so pay for my house.

    'Her accountant husband Benedict Barboza, 49, son Junal, 17, and daughter Lisha, 14, are being represented pro-bono by John Cooper, who has questioned why the nurse had been answering phone calls on the day and whether that was in her contract.
    Coroner Fiona Wilcox, who will be heading the inquest at Council House Chambers in Marylebone on May 2-3, has warned all parties that the aim of the proceedings was to allow a cause of death to be recorded and other "adversarial issues" will not be allowed to cloud the proceedings.'

    The 'daughter Lisha' has previously been described as a niece who had to be looked after by Jacintha because her sister was widowed or divorced.

    Some good points made at and by commentors -

    'What happened in the UK was it got played over and over again and a lot of people (UK media) are now being pious having a go at 2Day FM but it was on their websites for days.
    And they knew quite clearly there was no permission to broadcast it but they were happy to put it on the web and that is I think a very dangerous area that the mainstream media in the UK is entering into. Pushing people to the internet to see things they that wouldn’t be able to print or broadcast themselves, without taking responsibility for it. That is a real problem.'