16 November 2012

Tuxedo Cat, with rose arbor.

Twelve years ago I was working in my fence-free front garden when some children were passing with a tiny kitten. "We found it!" and they were so pleased.
"Was there a mother cat?" I asked.
"Dunno." and off they went.
I had to go la-la-la for a while, to get all the sad animal thought out of my head. However, me and St. Francis have a good thing going, and the next day they were back -
"Mum Says ... it's gunna die."
I took the kitten to work every day in a box and did the eye dropper thing relentlessly, and there she is today, on the bed in the window, waiting for a bird, any bird, to land on that power line.
We are finally re-united after she was at Boarding School (Friend's Farm Campus) during my six itinerant years. We haz a home.


  1. One very happy and satisfied looking cat.

  2. Tux has a bird's eye view? [Nice outlook, BTW]

  3. She is one gorgeous tuxedo account. Lucky puss with such a view and you.

  4. wtf autocorrect? that was supposed to say *tuxedo CAT*

  5. tigtog - good to see you. Of course you didn't type 7 letters for 3. that weird thing where Word just types a word that I did not, has been bothering me for some time. I thing it thinks for itself. x x

  6. It thinks wrongly for itself!!

    Gorgeous cat - I'd LOVE one for myself, but in my semi-rural base there'd be too much wanton destruction of native wildlife! Enjoy your home - it looks wonderful!

  7. Hi RNOZ - you are funny - 'semi rural' = hilarious (the Cape, the Bight, the f.n. NullaBOR).
    Ann ODyne says: that Kitty is now an indoor kitty. Although, all the yard birds are BIG. no wrens. Pied Currawongs would scare her right off, the magpies are a bogan bird gang, and the butcher birds have that hook beak (they ate all the wrens I think).

  8. What a perfectly sedate room for young Tux to recline in at her leisure :)

  9. Love that black and white. What a great story! xxx

  10. Curious how and when they find us. I'd had a cat die, a late girlfriends and people said get another straight away, but I didn't, it would have been disrespectful to Tabatha.
    Years later a phone call from my mother, about this kitten that had blundered into the front garden, could I have a look.
    Taking the long train trip out I thought, "yeah, yeah" but determined to be open minded if possible.
    In the kitchen enjoying a cuppa after the long trip, things seemed normal till I detected just the tiniest tug on my laces under the table and looked down to see the kitten and of course lost the battle instantly.
    But have won too, he is even tempered and has been a precious mate in darker times.
    Paul Walter