15 September 2012

Daffy O'Dyne

Spring has sprung and I am thrilled to have seven varieties of daffodil giving the grey sky a golden blast. Hancock's lovely stand at the RASV Show is where I ordered my bulbs last year. Unfortunately 'The Show' itself is not inspiring in any way at all and last year was my last I can assure you.
23rd Sept UPDATE for a dear commentor - the riverbank of daffodils at Banongil, a pioneer farm in the west of Victoria:


  1. We receive Hancock's catalogue of garden porn each year. And succumb each year as well. There are some amazing daffs out there aren't there? And you are so right about them giving the sky a golden and cheery blast.

  2. I never seen Garden of St Erth. I certainly remember reading T R Garnett though. I'd like to be out in the country today, looking for a host of daffodils.

  3. I wandered lonely as a cloud ... Strange how I used to think all daffodils were the same - bright yellow!! Maybe they're a harbinger of spring - even when the weather is still wintry, the bright yellow gives one hope ...

  4. I remember visiting Bannongill near Skipton and marveling at their masses of Daffs in the "park". Every now and then a clump of daffodils would be tended by a vintage garden gnome of the almost tasteful variety. Half expected to see Noddy and Mr. Plod doing a spot of fishing down by the creek!
    Nelly Melba

  5. You have chosen a beautiful combination there!

    hen the bulbed flowers bloom it begins to feel like spring!

  6. Have just seen your lovely Bannongill photo - thankyou muchly!