11 May 2012

Inanimate inamorata

Dear Readers
I have the Blogging Blahs and can only submit, in lieu of any constructive thought, an image of my Barbie* collection.
Mostly $2 each from opshops, I fixed them to a stretched canvas bought very cheaply from a garage sale.
When I divested superfluous clutter on moving from Brighton to Ballarat, I sold the whole thing for $400.
Opshops Barbies are always minus their clothes, so I made the black leather suit, the psychedelic shift and the gold, white lace and red spot frocks myself.
*OK one is a Skipper, and a Brooke Shields, and a Ken wearing a Jacko suit.
I miss them all actually.


  1. They'd easily bring that each now.
    Divesting of clutter does not compute in my world of precious objects.

  2. OTOH I still have my umpty twelve year old Meccano set. Zoe has a Barbie bus with all the trimmings. It was given to her as a semi permanent loan by one of Blaze's friends and will be passed on to the next recipient.

  3. Eeeeh, nice work. You're in good company; I was looking at the beastie boys blog the other day and they had a snippet of a doco featuring their buddy, Biz Markie, who also collects Barbies. He has 'Wheel Chair Barbie' -- can't find the exact video right now but it's for real.

  4. Sorry you're missing them. It's such a hard decision...letting things go. Because sometimes we do end up regretting it. Or at least grieving a bit.

    It was a really cool collection. And I admire you for making clothes for them.

  5. Reminds me of the Great Barbie Wars of 1979. Blaze and little friend across the road used to happily swap Barbie bits until little friend's Mum came storming over to chez nous accusing Blaze of "stealing" her daughter's stuff! End of a not so beautiful friendship.

  6. oh Miss Melba - Barbie has always triggered strong emotions in anybody around her. You, of course, would never have ripped Barbies head off, or tattooed her face with a Biro.

  7. Welcome back. I have missed you. How I have missed you. All of my dolls (barbie and others) were guillotined while my brother was learning about the French Revolution.

  8. Hi El Chi - just had a big serve of the French via the fabulous NAPOLEON exhibit at the Melbourne NGV. I suppose there must have been a Marie-Antoinette by Mattel at some stage. Poor woman was the original celeb-culture trash moll. X X