27 May 2012

blinking inking

If this lot had seen my camera they might have punched me as I waited and waited for a photo-op break in the Friday afternoon traffic roaring between us on the busiest street in Ballarat (where every single one of the ten bus routes passes) so please be stunned by this charmer, having a smoko, mid-ink.

My Seniors Card-holding friend Joan has a peacock feather inked on her foot and it is lovely. A tattoo tradition reserved only for princesses in Polynesia - vertical rows of tiny birds inked down their legs. How cool is that?
In Ballarat the Bogan Princesses only need the cash, and because the interior of this parlour in the image above is visible from my bus when it passes after dark I have seen their sign inside which says 'Minimum $150'. I wonder what you get for that? a happy face? This girls entire abdomen must be costing more than the NewStart allowance that's for sure.

Popeye and Bluto must have been my first exposure to skin ink, other sailors of course, drunk on shore in Marseilles and why not? Even Royalty in the navy has tatts - although I would bet the ranch that HRH Chuck is the one exception to that.
Japan has their Yakuza crim tatts and a museum of tattoos, with actual human skins if you please.
My first awareness of real world tatts would have been reading that girls in reform-schools like the infamous Winlaton, inked themselves with charming legends like I love J O'K, so when I read that dear Cher did it in the 1970's I thought that she was very hip to do a tough-girl thing without being a Tough Girl.

The headmistress at my school always threatened us with Winlaton if we wagged school, and thanks to the internet I now know that girls sent there for truancy were actually then denied any education. KAFKA LIVES!
And here is Daughter O'Dyne and the tatt she got herself for her 21st -


  1. Melissa had a big tatt with a love heart and the name "Ben" on it - so when she was getting married to Chris much time and pain was spent removing it - now she has Chris tattooed even bigger - but they are pretty solid - loved the photo - who are those people

  2. oh Middle Child never mind the tatt-removal pain, if she loved Ben that much, it could not have been worse than the break-up pain. I hope Chris is OK now. X X

  3. Having taught lots of kids from Samoa, I was always amazed by the incredible pain thresh-holds these kids must have. They'd disappear for a few weeks "holiday" in Samoa and come back, sometimes with bandaged limbs, having been tattooed in traditional rite of passage designs using traditional methods which REALLY hurt!

  4. She did love him and we grew really fond of him too - they just drifted - he was a tattooist himself! But am fond of Chris and she loves him and he her - thats how it goes

  5. I wonder if she realizes she and the tatt are going to grow old and wrinkly together?

    Love the footballer who lost the bet about Black Cavier and now has her image on his butt. That's a real horse's arse.

  6. How gorgeous your daughter is! There has to be a story behind why she chose that pic!

    And you, dear Mother O'Dyne. Have you one too?


  7. Hi Petticoats - thanks for swishing through. I have no tatts but have contemplated a
    Do Not Resuscitate across my chest. Daughter's is the one and only Miss Bettie Page her idol. I always pester her to cover it with sunscreen against fading. That is the only photo of it, on a cliff in Greece in summer.

    Jahteh - calling a football player a horse's arse is an insult to horses everywhere, but I bet that isn't the only Black Caviar tatt.

  8. January 7th news of a 26yo police officer charged in Melbourne with serious drug offences - trafficking and possession - and involvement with bike gangs, who apparently have a hold on the tattoo-parlour industry.