06 April 2012

annual chocolate festival

Today I had lunch with my Victorian grandchildren Bon Scott and Billie-Mae. a rare treat.
Ballarat has a huge cross-through-the streets march which I saw close-up one year I lived on the route to St.Columba's, and really there should be chocolate calvarys, but the symbols of new life and rebirth - chickens and rabbits - have eclipsed the whole Easter Monday 'and on the third day He rolled away the stone and was reborn' thing. I enjoy being perverse and wishing people a safe and Holy Easter.


  1. Ah, the joys of Grandparenthood. You can feed the little loves with mountains of chocolate and then leave the parents to deal with the sugar overload. A Happy Pagan Eostre to you,Annie dear.

  2. Happy Easter and Long Live Jim Marshall!

  3. I love the bunny ears.
    I did not buy any Easter eggs, always vile chocolate that tastes like last year's batch.

  4. Madame Melba I used an entire pack of wipes cleaning them up during that lunch.
    YakSox - his legacy lingers loudly forever.
    JahTeh - because they are all made about 10 months ago. Next, the makers use the returned unsold eggs to coat snowballs. I must tell you that I nearly fell off chair when StillLifeWithCat who never comes near me in any way despite my 1000 comments at her blog over the past 6 years, actually commented on the kids photo at fucbook. I am speechless.

  5. Lovely - you are a very young looking Grannie you know - maybe one day I will be one - but for now its not the right time - will happen if and when it does

  6. You just got awarded.
    I also awarded our Armagnacd but he has that hideous two word verification that refuses to show up on my computer. Be a dear and tell him.