14 March 2012

giving digital the finger

Sometimes I ignore the TV set for days, and sometimes I need to plonk and veg-out.

That image is the reception I get whenever there is something I actually want to see.

There is no place the buck stops at, so appeal and complaint is no option, I therefore thank our Department Of Communications for leading me to a Zen state of mind. Arty though, isn't it? here's another one -


  1. Jackson Pollock goes digital.

  2. Very creative! New aerial perhaps?

  3. Maybe something to do with your Mt. Stromlo wannabe neighbour. :0)

  4. we were saying 'Pollocks to this' when we missed Phryne's Murder show because of it though, and Mr Stromlo denies it.

    Hi Bliss - the aerial is fine when there is only rubbish TV.

    Thanks for your comments.

  5. As I recollect, even back in the days of analog, the ABC was intermittently problematic at 203.

  6. Put the gin bottle away and hide the LSD.

    Can you imagine what the gov. will do with a national broadband network when they can't get the teev to work.

    Maybe it's the junkyard metal next door but I still go with gin and LSD, they never mix.

  7. Hi Ann O'Dyne! Thanks for the invitation. See you in St Tropez in a couple of weeks!

  8. When I lived at Craggy island my tele used to go like crazy about 4.30 every afternoon - no one could explain...sometimes I like to close the house and just vege out - even if its total crap - its time out..."plonk" what a great word - with many peanings!!