14 February 2012

call me Kerouac ...

I took that top photo of Cape Liptrap, from Venus Bay, before we got lost and saw the lighthouse from much much closer.
A big snake slithered right across our walking track when we had barely stopped laughing over the very relaxed fox which sat in the middle of the track regarding us calmly before dragging itself upright and slouching away as if it thought we required it to do so, and would rather not. 
At Archies Creek (near Wonthaggi) we admired the brilliant art show at The Royal Hotel, by Bliss Hill blogger.
After that we added That's So Pants to the expedition and she
 guided us to the Marlo hotel right on the beach where we lunched on their sunny deck while a happy pelican was gliding around overhead. Please do stay tuned-in for What I Did On My Holiday, Part II


  1. You made the fox pass, in a manner of speaking.

  2. Very nice lighthouse, not available for holidays is it? I could sit and look at that view for weeks.

  3. I've seen the lighthouse, but not from the angle in the photo. It looks great. Hope you didn't corrupt Ms Pants with your wanton ways.

  4. Oh wow. Really looking forward to the next installment. (I don't do snakes well though).
    In one of our houses there was a red bellied black which lived under the front steps. I only used the back door from when it was first sighted until the first frost. Cowardly I know.

  5. I love lighthouses. I think unused ones should be renovated and used as holiday destinations or restaurants.

  6. I don't think I knew there were foxes in Australia.

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  7. Dina there are thousands of them. We have bounties and we have Hunt Clubs.
    Farmers blast away at them in the night.
    Fruitcake: the fox was so casual, it really didn't want to move - "oh yawn, people. better hit the scrub".
    JahTeh I think the Cape Schanck Light is a B&B. We saw that too. We saw a lot of beach.
    Andrew you should have been with us.

  8. Kerouac? On the Road? What about some references to jazz?

  9. What a lovely road trip so far!

    Are you managing some time in the surf, or are you just enjoying the sights and the local gourmand opportunities?

  10. Hi Petticoats - I can reveal that Pants blogger has a boogie board and no inhibitions on the beach.
    Annie and her pal ate their way across Victoria. After leaving Their West via the Queenscliffe ferry they started with lunch at the Portsea Hotel. The Merricks General Store was another glam lunch (although they were disappointed to not see Lady*Potter and/or The Frasers), as well as the Marlo beach hotel the Tyers Hotel is right on a gorgeous beach and that was another lunch.
    This is their dieting week apparently.
    I do hope your exotic lingerie roadtest went tremendously well X X

  11. Dear Marshall / Miss Ann,

    I won't tell you how jealous I am of you and your fine company right now.

    At least we can join you vicariously here.

    Yes, my new lingerie was very comfortable. I just need more occasions to wear it!


  12. My grandparents lived in Venus Bay, haven't been there for years and years. I really should get back down that way some day.
    Lovely pics.

  13. Hi Fen - VB was beautiful. my friend wants to buy there. some very glam houses, and 2 Land Rats in the tiny village which had several cafes with Venus Flytrap joke names I now cannot recall.

  14. A pub on the beach sounds blissful!
    Will look forward to part deaux !