02 January 2012

walking the doglet

Walking the dog at 7AM on The Steve Moneghetti Track, a newish name for the path around Lake Wendouree. It is stinking hot at 36C / 102F and I just loathe people who don't think about dogpaws on HOT HOT footpaths like the bricked ones in Rye 3941 which are hell for dogs.


  1. If the dog has to walk on a hot paved surface, the walker should remove their footwear and go barefoot.

  2. Andrew is right. And another bug bear of mine is the people walking their dogs, drinking water as they go and not thinking about the dog's thirst. Dammit if they need hydrating how much more does the dog (in a fur coat) need it?

  3. I agree, councils who plan paving etc give no thought at all to the dogs who must be walked. I see there is a grass verge walked him on that didn't you? I would too. Is it possible to walk on the lake edge for water cooled tootsies?

  4. At the moment its 5/40 here in London, stop complaining, its not fair, its NEVER 102 here! My dog is in danger of getting trench foot.

  5. Yes Andrew, so true. One time with Copperwitch I saw a guy with a dog on red hot concrete and i barged over the road and demanded he take of his shoe and experience it for himself.
    (Coppy, the coward, fled from potential confrontation). The guy was quite reasonable in the end.

    Yes El Chi - dogs and cats need huge amounts of cool water and I anguish for those in summer left home alone without.

    Thanks River I am walking doglet early morning and late evening, for my own comfort as well. This blogpost would have been longer but it suddenly Published when I just wanted a line space, and I couldn't care at 35C.

    Everybody should follow David porter's name link back to his wonderful London blog and read about medlar jam. I had never heard of it, yet today, thanks to him, today I recognised a medlar tree, in fruit, in the very street from this house to the lake where I took this blogpost image. hilarious coincidence. Thanks DP.

    Also thanks for your reciprocal visit, such good blogmanners.

  6. Of course I fled, I have to live here and he might have been an axe murderer and if you had had an axe handy you would have been one.
    You will be please to know that this year the Kingston News had a big page article on dogs and cats in summer and first up was not walking dogs on hot footpaths. I thought about you and the hot dog when I saw Millie walking in the snow in Switzerland so we should really be sending 4 tiny ugg boots to her.

  7. Paving is a cancer that has subtly taken over the civilised world ... think of the jobs there'd and the carbon emissions neutralised if these were reverted to grassed areas!!

    No accounting for inconsistency!!

    (Belated) Happy New Year!!

  8. Hi RN OZ - cement is really evil stuff -
    Cement Plant Mercury Pollution - Air Pollution from Cement Kilns ... News Articles – The 23 Most Highly Polluting U.S. Cement Plants. After a decade-plus long fight, the U.S. is cracking down on air pollution from cement plants

  9. Nature strips are th best thing for paws on any day over 15 degrees.

    Midsomer Murders did an ep featuring medlar jam, tasted some once, YUM!

  10. Poor wee little booties for he??/

  11. I remember when I was a kid and was mainly barefoot in summer - that the cement was so hot it felt cold at first (only for the moment) then burnt like crazy - can't believe anyone wouldn't realise.