29 January 2012

Shrimp is no Barbie

These are my VOGUE stacks, going back to 1969 and the issues from 1970 to 1973  are in handsome navy red and gold stamped VOGUE binders.
Jean Shrimpton is on many of the covers, and while the girly 1960's are typified by MOD culture evolving, the concurrent prevailing 'look' was known as 'DollyBird' and she was their goddess. 

A film has been made based on the early part of her career when she went to New York City for a VOGUE shoot with David Bailey. I won't be seeing it, and the publicity will irritate me, but I have all these 
for my Shrimp fix instead. She is a recluse now and I don't blame her one bit. 

Meanwhile, over at    WORN OUT    it is Flamingo Park time so please visit.


  1. What a gorgeous collection and they'd be worth a fortune - check ebay if you don't believe me.....

  2. oh Kath - I have been hauling them around at least 20 homes since I bought the first one, and would never part with them. The oldest ones have disintegrating spine glue - should I complain to Conde Nast Publishing?

    thank you Lord Smartmouth *curtsey*

  3. SO love those special binders! Vogue was a once-in-a-blue-moon treat for me - so admire your fortitude in a) amassing and b) keeping them! Must be great fun to browse back through them ...

  4. I still have special Vogue mags and Pol Magazine. Pol was the first publication that treated women as though they had a brain and are still great to read 30 years later. I stopped buying Vogue when the photography got too "arty" and didn't show the clothes.

    I walked past a shop at S'Land today and little dolly dresses filled the windows but they don't look as though they would last a half dozen washes.

  5. The only thing I remember about Jean Shrimpton is the newspaper articles about the short dress she wore to the Melbourne Cup. Apparently she upstaged everyone that day.
    The model I remember most from those times was Twiggy. Those huge blue eyes! The short, short hair! The thinness of the girl!

  6. JahTeh the clothes back then were not made by children in Bombay, as the ones you saw today probably were, and yes POL was for readers with a brain.
    I was buying the Brit NOVA at that time. It was a groundbreaker too.

    River: after Twiggy appeared, Jean Shrimpton started being called The Shrimp. I bet she hated it. Did you ever see Twiggy dancing in a film The Boyfriend? I wish it was on TV tonight. The clothes were terrific too.

  7. What a cultural (hi)story you have there. Like some of those Flamingo Park dresses on
    I am sure your collection would be welcomed by museums, too.

  8. "Vogue stacks"... and straight away, quick as a flash, I thought of Marshall Stacks. Weird, I tell you...


  9. oh Gerry - stacks of fun to see you here.

  10. MS, it's pleasure to be here. It means I'm not dead yet. Always a bit of a worry...

  11. That is amazing - a "Collector" I am dealing with the sad results of my collecting but loving it too...and the next person who visits my place and says "Oh but you have such a lot of photos" I will take them out to my shed and show them the 50 or so that i couldn't fit on -

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