11 November 2011

Not a joke Joyce

Under all this crap is a drophead Riley some car restorer would kill for. This disgusting collection belongs to avid Xtian Fundies who are too busy accepting the lord JC into their hearts to cleanup their bloody yard. I should never have climbed the compost heap to look over the top of the fence. No complaints will be made, as disturbing this lot will only cause mass migration of all the rodents and reptiles so comfortably housed within.
This is a temporary post just for commentors at Hawt Andrews Highrise, where Sedgwicke The Younger referenced my new neighbours (well actually I am their new neighbour and we are not gonna be good friends). . The origin of the saying "It's a joke Joyce" is the legendary In Melbourne Tonight of the 1960's where a regular comedy skit The Wilsons had Graham 'King' Kennedy playing George and Tivoli veteran Val Jellay playing wife Joyce bickering at the kitchen table, with Joyce never getting the meaning of sarcastic humour. Another George Wilson was the actual manager of GTV9 at the time and his teenage son George got studio tickets for all his Brighton pals when The Rolling Stones recorded there in 1965. Those were the days.
His 21st was at The Royal Oak on Bridge Road, where all the GTV9 staff drank, and it later became The Tiger Room where Radio Birdman played their first Melbourne gig and The Boys Next Door played their first pub gig. i was there for that too ...

better stop, but I could go on and on and on.


  1. and of course you can add horror by clicking to embiggen it all.
    Does anybody recall Melbourne's famous Debneys Paddock - acres of rubbish in North Melbourne, so famous that parents all over the state would glance at the rooms of their children and exclaim "it looks like Debneys Paddock in here - will you tidy up please!".

  2. A drop head Riley!!!

    Was it Val Jellay or Rosie Sturgess who Kennedy did the 'its a joke Joyce' with?

    Wish you had gone on and on.

  3. Debney's Estate was doomed before it began then.

  4. thanks for your comments dear Highriser - you are probably right about Rosie Sturgess, and she was a Tivoli veteran too.
    I have been googling Debneys Paddock and reading some great stuff.

  5. Please do go on and on ANYTIME! I knew it wasn't a joke - because I wasn't laughing. But surely Baby J cries at scenes like this??

  6. It is an awful mess, but it doesn't look like the type to cause an unholy stench, no rotting household garbage and no dead bodies either.
    Now I'm going to have to google Debney's Paddock and Drop Head Riley....

  7. It is a truly awful mess (and I did increase the pain by growing it). And somewhere that rats would LOVE to breed, and breed, and breed.
    And please, do go on.

  8. I betcha there's a dead body somewhere under that junk.
    In parts.
    Wrapped in plastic.

  9. Ms Ann,
    You are so uber cool! I love your cultural references, humour and music tastes!

    You are my favourite blogger!


  10. mm, was at a meeting some time ago where they were setting up some sort of "community" association (inc).

    (most of 'em are snoot-nose brick veneer 'treechangers'. Self suggested what turned out to be the acronym "SCRAGS". not well received - and yes, had to say "It's a joke, George"; but they didn't get that one, either).

  11. It's probably the only place they didn't search for Tony Mokbel.

    Sneak out one night and put a sign on the fence announcing the opening of The Church of the Holy Reclamation.

    WV is firuf, a godly guard dog.

  12. Ann - by Debney's paddock do you mean where the flats in Flemington are now located? On my litter-collecting days I could have used that saying!

  13. Thank you everybody for your visits and comments - I love youse all.

  14. Drophead Riley? Would be about a 1949, 2 /12 litre. Would kill for one. A bloke I went to school with had one, he also had a wooden leg and one of his tricks was to walk along a street and have mates throw darts into it.

  15. hi Phill - good to see you. can you see the rusted hood left of photo?
    rotted canvas overlay.
    I recognised it immediately (*smug*).
    My friends mother turned 40 when they were the latest thing and that's what she got for her birthday.
    X X

  16. I'm back here, yonks later, because a spam comment landed at my Inbox and I came over to remove it. Lovely to see you all again. Coppy I was told yesterday by a Fed Cop informant that they knew the location of Tony The Wig all through his holiday travels.
    My Informer is in HOB today to testify just how very very evil the online activities of the sweet-faced Collectors boy have been. I find it hard to take I can tell you, but Informant insists it's a Worst Case.
    I love Jayne's train of thought up there; and Phill - the angry old bat who lives with that dump snarled at me that her son down in Melbourne "uses that car for spare parts!"
    "He has a second Riley?"
    "Yes!!" she screamed at me.
    You would never know from the neat clean well-kept, constantly mowed front of her property, that this horror is at the back.
    Now that I am re-visiting, I realise that I never really made a point in the blogpost.
    I was in shock at the time I guess. In 2005 I didn't begin as a Blogger, I began as a Commentor, and you all know I Give Good Comment.
    Try Deptford Pudding - his posts are all a work of art, and our pal Pants has a second blog now Art Of Pants which totally is not pants. Go there and be impressed.
    Happy Birthday dear Copperwitch, and X X X everybody