09 October 2011

just Ducky

At the end of my street there is a swamp the council calls 'a lake' and these 12 baby ducks were bobbing around on it today.


  1. IF you click to enlarge the image it gets really really big - I have no idea why - and the ducklings amplified are mega fuzzy and funny.

  2. You really have a bird theme happening. Funnily, when driving past AP Lake last night, I saw a group of ducklings with their mother but they were a bit older. I'll go back and enlarge now.

  3. I'm so jealous of your ducklings and I'd be down there every day just to watch them.

    Blogger is really irritating me, I have to refresh this page to get the word verification and I can't comment at all at River's blog or anyone else that has that particular comment function.

  4. It doesn't look too swampy. The ducklings are cute!

  5. I love ducks and have often thought that being reincarnated as a duck in a well kept public park wouldn't be the worst thing in the world....

  6. This and your swan post reminds me of Robert McCloskey's make Way for Ducklings.

    It was written in 1941, and a favourite!

    So cute and fluffy!