19 October 2011

a good clean show

A friend took this photo in WA. If you CNTL+ to embiggen you will see the poster has A GOOD CLEAN SHOW on it, not once, but twice. The good old days.

Newspaper Article
DAWNETTE AND THE PERFORMING Wonder Dogs. M2211. Available floor shows and par ties.
At a Christmas Eve party,children living nearby will see
"Dawnette" give a show with her performing dogs. Lady
an Afghan hound, is to be the dogs' Father Christmas and will
wear a long beard and scarlet cloak.


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  2. "embiggen" hahaha love it and the piccie

  3. A good clean show? That dog in the green dress is humping that horse! LOL!

  4. My Great Aunt "Miss Dawnette" (Ida May Aylett 1899-1993) was an entertainer all her life, she bequethed the banner to the Theatre. I have a black and white photo of it at a carnival. She had no children, her soulmate Charles Dhu died a young man in the 30's she remained single after his death, the circus and vaudeville scene became her life.
    Michelle Richards