06 August 2011

woo hoo

Masked OWL, well-spotted by this bird sook, while walking across the bridge yesterday at 5pm. He thought he was hidden, in trees on the Campaspe.

(Both these images are virtually copyrighted Annie ODyne )
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  1. Mobile, Alabama arrived from on "Trying To Be Ann O'Dyne" by searching for trying to be ann o'dyne.
    22:20:09 -- 1 day ago

  2. I spent my young informative years in the country and I never saw an owl. Perhaps the dingos kept them at bay.

  3. Hi Andrew - they are nocturnal and little kids don't usually go out into owl territory in the dark, so that explains that. I used to see a Tawny Frogmouth in St.Kilda regularly, and saw a Barking Owl at dusk right in the centre of Ballarat. The 3 sightings are my lifes quota I should think.

  4. Ooooh. Wow. I have only seen one owl - it was on our clothes line one night when we lived in Central West NSW. Amazing birds. So lucky that you saw it AND had the camera. Thanks.

  5. Hi El Chi, good to see you - you do have all those other fab birds though. I suppose all the owls rush to the Mallee wheatfields when the mouse plagues occur. It was a miracle I noticed the white spot in the tree (see centre of second photo). I think I was checking the river for a platypus - I dream of seeing one of those.

  6. Sorry to disappoint Annie but that is not an owl - it is veteran political reporter Barrie Cassidy.



  7. oh Miz Pants he surely does. I love The Insiders though. They should end it with the bang of Talking Pictures, but they all come back after that for a whimper. Thanks for T S Eliot and I want you to know I have never seen CATS.

  8. Gorgeous creature :)
    The owl, not your stalking ex.

  9. Owls are pretty rare around my neck of the woods. I've seen only one in the whole eight and a half years I've lived here.

  10. A threatened species - as are the powerful and Sooty Owls who remain in the tall Central Highlands forests, which Australian Paper / VicForests are busy cutting down for Reflex office paper.

    You won't believe this - W/V = alogid

  11. Hi Helen - the masked Owl is second in size only to the Powerful Owl, and yes ... bloody logging.
    It would be awful if those brutes were unemployed and had to acquire a worthwhile skill to earn an honest living.
    On a personal level, owls are quite stupid and mean, always feeding their owlets in the same order, with the result that the last one usually dies of starvation. doh.

    and yes, WV is often spookily prescient.

  12. We used to get boobook owls around anglesea regularly - not that I'd see them, but hear them often. A very sensibly named owl.

  13. The handlers on the Harry Potter sets said the owls were the worst to try and train to do anything, they just didn't get it.
    I didn't know your ex could read. I hope mine doesn't break into literacy and start looking for my blog.

  14. The frogmouths are really common about here but have not seen this one before - good spotting

  15. I have been off line for a while, but you certainly have been busy!

    Thank you for all the lovely town and country sightings.

  16. Hello Ann O'Dyne.
    I'm responding to a response you left on my blog on 16/12/09.I won't bore you with my litany of personal failings plus interventions of fate/planets/entrails etc that have made my response so slow, but I will apologise.
    (1) I enjoyed your link.
    (2) I have not watched that show with its "I know you want to count my teeth" presenter for a long time.
    (3) I suspect nepotism in her holding that role, as well in her current role of "XXXX" presents. Is she so eminent that her name attracts viewers? Why not "Geraldine Doogue presents Compass"? Kerry O'Brien (or whoever_), presents "The 7.30 report?" There couldn't be some nepotistic self promotion going on, could there?
    On a quite different tack, I wonder whether you remember Kit Denton's book on Breaker Morant.
    It was promoted (by Penguin?) as being the book of the movie.
    In fact it wasn't - that book was written by someone else, who made a legal challenge against Penguin, and won. Subsequently, Penguin recanted ...and, reissued the book minus the claim, but with a picture from the film on the front cover.
    The world belongs to the ruthless and unscrupulous, evidently. Could be our ABC does too.