05 July 2011

rock and roll

'Geoscience Australia says Victoria has been shaken by a small earthquake.
The 4.4 magnitude quake was centred north of the town of Korumburra, in eastern Victoria. The quake was felt across Melbourne, the suburbs and into Gippsland ...'
Instead of thinking 'it could not happen here', I thought - 'OK first turn the power off at the board, turn the gas off at the main, get the dog and cat into the car so at least they are contained, a bottle of water, umm ... '
Some people have a Go Bag, but my entire life is by Go-Bag so I'm right on that score, but really Dear Readers, there is no reason at all why we should think this really bad stuff only happens in Guatemala or Turkey or Wellington and Christchurch.
Those Go Bag links are to the wiki one and the City Of Sydney one - each different from/to/than what I would have. Do you have a shake powered torch?
What would YOU do/pack first if the walls started cracking?


  1. The cats would come first, no question. Despite the fact that the ungrateful so and so's behave in a manner that requires windows be opened any time they are in the car.

  2. AnonymousJuly 05, 2011

    Melbourne to host earthquakes, tsunamis, floods -
    23 Jun 2011 by Science in Public
    News Alert from CSIRO Media Centre 24 June 2011.
    One of the world's largest meetings of earth scientists will commence next Tuesday in Melbourne. Almost 4000 participants from about 100 countries will discuss recent ..

    cause and effect x x bwca the bad welsh brownie

  3. I see the website crashed where once upon a time, no-one would give a rat's.

    I don't have a torch to shake but plenty of candles and matches and 3 cars to live out of. My only worry would be the birds going all 'Alfred Hitchcock' when there's no morning tucker under the apple tree.

  4. I would put all my most valuable things into my safe and hope it doesn't get crushed. It's fire proof at least. Big enough for the laptop, cameras and important papers. I don't have a "go bag" though, so I'll check out the site and see what I need for one.

  5. ha ha I'd be too distracted being excited and scared all at once. I'd make sure I opened the doors for the cat though, she can escape easier than me!

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  7. It was fun. I was sitting on my chair at the computer and the chair started bouncing up and down to the point where I noticed the pneumatics of the chair were operating. I thought of getting under the desk, but then it is glass. I would grab my wallet, phone and charger and my water bottle. Oh, and something to read.

  8. You're right - we can't assume that it won't happen to us.

    I'd take Sapph, LC and the dog. Everything else is replaceable.

  9. My new digital turntable and all of the records yet to be transferred. Oh, then the kids yada, yada, yada...

  10. Coming from the Earthquake Zone, I felt nothing in my 1930's CBD building when the ground supposedly moved under Victoria.

    However when I heard the news (hello Twitter!) my first thought was about being pancaked by tonnes of debris, as our cities aren't built up to code and my workplace would not pass if it was in Wellington.

    My turn of the century home features wobbly chimneys over every room. There's no safe spot if one went, it'd be a total lottery.

    While everyone in Christchurch has there emergency bag packed, I can't convince my elderly parents to even store the required amounts of water. Nor remove rocks and other missiles from display on various ledges.

  11. yes Miz AOF - it's a total lottery.
    The lights go out for people every day who left home without thinking it would, and that is why we all need to live as if this is our final day. Embrace everything and dispense goodwill. The GoBag symbolises only the mechanics of Need, and as the Lad and Kath above said, we need to be aware of what is really important to us.
    and Kath? some good news - apparently (on some List somewhere) it is more costly to live in MELB (7) than in Geneve (9 on the list) - who'da thunk?

  12. (screams)

    Although I lived in San Francisco, never got an earthquake... I'd have to get my cats first!

  13. No shake-powered torch but I do have a wind-up one. Very handy for someone who is prone to forgetting to buy/charge batteries.



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  15. A good diahorrea...pasted it for future use

  16. My DVD of Earthquake: In Sensurround!

  17. absolutely LL. good to see you.
    I think I saw Battlestar Galactica in sensurround in the late 70's or 1980.
    Should be more of it.