29 July 2011

clean air

I haz been in Flinders on Westernport. This cottage is in the main street. Not far from the truly glamorous handmade chocolates shop.
Very lovely there, even in winter. The coast road past Cape Schanck is like a roller coaster and apparently: '
The cleanest air in the world
Fill a bottle with the air at Cape Schanck, which is bottled by CSIRO scientists after gale-force winds blow pure, uncontaminated air directly from the Antarctic'
(Follow this Flinders link for more).

Named after Matthew Flinders who - 'In 1804 while imprisoned by the French in Mauritius, Matthew Flinders completed a map showing his circumnavigation of the continent, which he titled ‘Australia or Terra Australis’.
This original map is stored at the UK Hydrographic Office in Taunton Somerset.
Flinders returned to England in 1810, and his account of his explorations, A Voyage to Terra Australis, was published in 1814. A new map with the order reversed to ‘Terra Australis or Australia’ accompanied this two-volume work.
This was the first map of Australia to be published, and it is this map that is normally reproduced.
Matthew Flinders died on the day before the publication of his monumental work, and thus 2014 is the bicentenary of his death. To mark this anniversary, a campaign has been launched Bringing Home the Birth Certificate of Our Nation.
There is evidence to suggest that this 1804 map was not the first use of the term Australia on a map. But this quibble aside, the 1804 map is of considerable historic significance for Australia, and anyone wishing to support the call for the British Hydrographic Office to relinquish the map can add their name to the online petition
That's enough about him, so back to me: I was in a house with a mirrored wall and can report that seeing all of oneself every minute of the day, takes some getting used to ... I preserved this image of a Santa statue ... just for you.


  1. That is a truly beautiful cottage. Can you imagine any of the McMansions we build now being appreciated in the same way 100 years and more after their construction? And I can vouch for the pure air in Antarctica (if you exclude penguin poo).

  2. I've been going to Flinders since I was little to stay with my cousins, two of whom still live there.
    I love it :)

  3. He was quite a guy, ol' Matthew Flinders. Remember the execrable Picking Up Pebbles topping the charts at the end of 1969? That was...Matt Flinders!

    Cottage looks both comfortable and decorative. Hope it's a ong stay for you.

  4. Just back from American Dinas blog where she rightly points out how unclear this blogpost is. I do not actually know if it is Western Port Bay or Westernport, and I should have googled it before posting.
    Flinders is a very pretty town though, and that sustained me through the 3 and a half hours drive back to Ballarat. I will be going back in the summer to see all the agapanthus at Nobbies View when they flower (just one kilometre up the road at Shoreham). You will be getting a flowers post then.
    Now all go over to Copperwitch and wish her a Hippy Birdie.

  5. It's a gorgeous little cottage. I used to dream of living in one, then I had four kids and realised I would need way more space. Yes, I know people lived in those with many children in days of yore, but they're not me, who likes to lock her kids in different hemispheres if possible when they're squabbling. Now they're grown and gone of course, but I find I no longer dream of tiny cottages.

  6. I went to Flinders once - I seem to recall the air was quite good.

  7. A chocolate shop? Damn Australia Post, they've lot my birthday parcel, it was a large box wasn't it?

  8. A visitor from Maudsland, Queensland
    viewed "Trying To Be Ann O'Dyne" 14 hours 8 mins ago

    A visitor from Manchester
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    A visitor from Mobile, Alabama
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    I do hope that last one was my stalking ex and he noticed from my Self-portrait With Santa that my hair has not gone grey like that of the Green Card whose fifth husband he now is.
    and no, it has no artificial coloring in it.

    mwah mwah AOD

  9. This is why I love your blog. Wouldn't get this kind of post anywhere else. Brilliant.

  10. Imagine all the life that went on inside those windows -

  11. I love walking up the You Yangs and sitting looking towards the coast and thinking of how it would have looked when MF did it. The top part is called Flinders Peak.