02 June 2011

Tooting and coming

As you all know, SoCross Station is my natural habitat, and as I passed through last week I just had to record seven regional trains but thankfully not the noise level of the seven engines roaring.
But wait, that's not all, I also bring you
Tutankhamun whose HUGE effigy stars there at the moment.
(images copyright Ann O'Dyne 2011)
I wish the ancient civilisations had invented trains. They might have evolved sufficiently by now to be bearable.


  1. Hmm, SoCross has its own website.

  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2011

    Have you read A L Kennedy's wonderful article on typing in trains?

    V droll.


  3. Hmmm ... a little concerned about Sthn Cross Station being your "natural habitat".

  4. be reassured Donkeyblogger, that AOD passes THROUGH SoCross, but, a lot.
    Which is why it makes her SoCross.

    Andrew, that website has groovy images the actuality fails to live up to.

    Frances has been the traditional name of Annies ancestors since it was spelled as 'ffraunces' (16thC)

  5. ffraunces O'Dyne back now from A.L.K on Amtrak thanks for the link.
    I have done both stations discussed - Penn Stn in NYC to Union Stn in Washington DC and I loved the Amtrak ticket-checker and his hat, and the hysterical announcements as we went through North and South Philadelphia Stations.
    Maybe a foreign tourist would be charmed by our V-line hellride to Warrnambool station, in old carriages with VB flogged from the 'Buffet' car. I'm not, well OK, except for that one time when a bunch of footy match drunks sang Bohemian Rhapsody in full and perfectly ...

  6. In lots of ways trains have more charm than many other forms of mass transportation. Except boats perhaps (says the chronically sea sick one). Thanks.

  7. Oughta be rebadged Tinnitus Cross.

    Dunno who was in charge of the acoustics but they oughta be hung, drawn and quartered - LOUDLY AND SLOWLY!

  8. At least you have public transport - our buses stop on the weekends so if with out a car and minus a big purse - you are stranded if you want to go a distance - but still rather live in the country

  9. ffraunces, nick the statue for my birthday next time you're moving through. It's Anubis the jackel headed guardian God of the Underworld so quite appropriate for SoCross.

  10. Yeah, No, JahTeh - AOD advises that she thought it was a beast not a man, but it is promoting the Tut exhibition at NGV so it should be Tut right? Pants was right onto it, and she thinks it is Horus.
    It's BIG though innit.

  11. Hey, Stacks, BIG impresses you?

    I'm often called a BIG [add your own derogatory term].

  12. At that first image I instantly think, "Petrol fumes!".

  13. Yes YakSox - DIESEL fumes and the noise is, as Sedgwick said, tinnitussing.
    No Gerry darling, AOD was gobsmacked by the cost of the size of the jackal guy. The exhibit is at the museum not the NGV - if you follow the fkn link 'Tutankhamun' there is a preview of the exhibits.

  14. Marshall, I'm new to the Inter-Web, what is a "fkn link" ???

  15. Yes El Child - the romance of trains. I wish Vline would watch films of The Venice & Orient Express.
    Gerry you Disingeneous Diogenes, a 'fkn link' is one which supplies crucial information. Nobody ever follows them.