19 June 2011

revolution in the air

As I walked away from capturing this moment as they gathered in outrage, trams were unloading hundreds more.
I would have joined them if I hadn't another revolution to view a block away where the Bolsheviks would not have been amused at their story playing Her Majestys' Theatre.
(image by Ann O'Dyne)
It was wonderful (especially from the third row) - design, costume and performances. Recommended. Thank you to That's So Pants for making my day.


  1. I was on the steps in spirit. Pleased you enjoyed the performance.

  2. A lot of people took dogs to that protest.
    After we left the theatre and were on our way to The Windsor for drinks, we saw THREE sets of newlyweds being photographed on the same steps.
    THREE. with all the bridesmaids and photographers and chauffeurs and everything, it looked a bit like the protest (except no dogs).
    The Windsor was lovely - wish you had been with us.

  3. Sounds wonderful to me - but would Pasternak have approved??!!

  4. I know it's terribly narcissistic of me, old girl, but am I one of the fifty fabulous followers, or am I one of the three you're clearly snubbing? :-)

  5. Dear Gerry, not a bit. HighRiser may well ask the same question, but the actual fact of it is that when I try to comment, Blogger thwarts me completely. The spinning thingy just goes round and round and round till the box finally says it quits. This happens at RedNomads' and Sedgwicks' blogs too.
    It also happens at The Daily Maily which used to be my favourite indulgence.
    Annie has however, commented 100 times at StillCatWith NoLife, WillTypeForFood, and Lorraine Cres. and at several other blogs at least 100 times, yet they never never visit here. the ethernet is The BigKids Playground that's for sure.

  6. It's on my list of things to see. I think Pasternak would approve.

  7. Keep up the excellent multi-personality blogging.

    I'm lovin' it... :-)

    WV = epitype

  8. Pfft, Pasternak was starved by the Russian Govt, but enjoy the beauty he wanted the world to appreciate.