08 June 2011

dawn in frosty paddock

(image copyright Ann O'Dyne May 2011. Newborn calves at Navigators, Vic. 3352)
Thank you , thank you dear PM Gillard.

Update 5 days after:
Errol Simper writes in The Australian Business Section:
Four Corners' report on animal cruelty is what journalism is all about ...

'Tony Jones interviewed Meat And Livestock Australia's export manager, Michael Finucan, last Wednesday and must have felt rather as you might after smashing your head against a brick wall for hours. The way Finucan had it, all would be well with a bit more training of Indonesian abattoir people, a bit more community patience and a massive belief in the MLA's honourable intentions.

Jones: "You're talking about sending in trainers to train (Indonesian abattoir) people, yet again. But as we know, Australian trainers from MLA had recently visited two of the worst abattoirs Four Corners filmed at. The worst of them all, the Gudrun abattoir, had six visits by Australian experts like yourself in the previous 14 months. This whole process seems not to have worked at all."

Finucan: "Well, what we've learned is that we need more intense training."

To be fair, Finucan gave viewers no reason to suspect he was anything other than a decent, well-meaning bloke. For all that, you had some empathy with Jones' next interviewee, Bob Katter. Jones: "You've just heard what the industry specialist (Finucan) on the ground is saying. What do you say in response?"

Katter: "Almost every single aspect of that interview filled me with anger, almost every single aspect of it . This person admitted they knew what was going on, that they'd sent people in to have look at this. They've known for years and years about it, and they've done absolutely nothing . . . They've been paid a fortune to carry out things in a toweringly incompetent manner."

Meantime, some will be grateful for small mercies. White, the RSPCA and the Four Corners reporter who somehow did the abattoir story without having a nervous breakdown, Sarah Ferguson
(with nudges of help from Xenophon and independent MP Andrew Wilkie), have at least managed to get the grisly trade in live cattle suspended."

Thank you Errol! and Go Sarah! - dry your eyes, take the sleeping pills, and find a gown for accepting your Walkley Award.

Now the sheep exports ... ?


  1. I am with you about 1000%. We are so inconsistent with our treatment of animals. All animals. Frequently fills me with rage.
    Lovely shot of the paddock though. Thanks.

  2. What about shoving child assylum seekers off to Malaysia especially girls whose worth is considered zero unless they're in the sex trade. I know the powers that be have re-considered this but I don't believe them anymore than believing they care about the cattle or the sheep. Julia has disappointed me in so many ways. Abbott hasn't, he's still a prick of many ugly faces.

  3. "Now the sheep exports ... ?"

    And let's not forget the chooks.

  4. That picture does look frosty.

  5. I love ducks and chooks you duck-eater Sedgwick.
    I clicked on the photo to see it better and it really WENT LARGE
    unlike the tiny calves.
    JahTeh those children have a voice and defenders that animals do not.
    Yes River - they are born onto frost-covered paddocks and rained on before they figure out what just happened.
    I could not enjoy eating veal and never mind Indonesian cruelty, it makes me sick to realise these babies are bred so Aussie drunks can order 'a parma and a pot' for $12.

  6. Woke up to double digits temperature in Melbourne today. Great excitement!

  7. Just hope it doesn't backfire on OZ while the animals currently in transit face an uncertain immediate future. That's a massive queue of trucks full of livestock without food and water - and any HINT of cruelty to these animals will negate the impact of the ban.

  8. Saint, Dr. Jane Goodall, the British primate expert and UN Messenger of Peace ... used her visit to Melbourne to plead with the Australian government to ban live animal exports, describing the practice as cruel and motivated by money.
    ''It's all about the bottom line, rather than any question of morality,'' she said. ''I think we should ban live animal export. We should export frozen meat.''
    Dr Goodall, a committed vegetarian, also tied high levels of meat-eating to climate change, arguing that the ''unnatural diet'' fed to farm animals generated more methane gas, which was a ''huge contributor'' to greenhouse gas emissions.
    In 2008, Dr Goodall launched Melbourne Zoo's mobile phone recycling project, which has raised more than $60,000 for conservation projects, including supporting park rangers protecting gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Read more:

  9. Lovely! Being absolutely out of the loop re news of any sort, am I being too naive and bold as to hope that live exports are now banned??

  10. A beautiful photo - re Julia and Tony - "Right wing, left wing - same bird" both are hateful and dishonest - I think we have to go back to John Curtin to find a decent and HONEST caring PM - the rest have been suck up parasites still bleeding the taxpayers dry = my opinion

  11. somebody please tell me how to get rid of these backlinks below. Ultramaroon hasnt posted in 2 years, Boynton never comes here, and Miss Welby, lovely as she is, is in Italy.

    Thanks everybody for reading. I am not against killing animals for food, but I do want it ethically and humanely achieved. We all know that too much meat causes bowel/colon cancer, and god knows what it does to us if we eat something which was pumping the FEAR adrenalin at slaughter time. has to be bad.
    adrenalin is hormones innit?
    prolly causes manboobs. whiskers on ladies.

  12. I struggle daily with my failure to give up meat. 3+ veg dinners a week (meat at other meals very rarely) doesn't quite cut it.As I said in another venue discussing this, it's a combination of weakness in the face of steak-loving family and my own inability to give up pork fillets and osso bucco. Not to mention, as Sedge said, the chooks.
    Temple Grandin is very good on this subject - Brownie would already know all about her, anyone who doesn't, do google her.

  13. Follow this link describing a Muslim nation now owning a stonking great swathe of our Western District grazing land - we won't be able to stop them live-exporting their OWN sheep.
    Greater swathes of the far north beef producing land is foreign owned too.
    It has not been 'our country' for quite a while.
    Every time you buy Yoplait, Pura, King Island Dairy, VitaSoy, Farmers Union, Berri juice, Big M, or ANY generic ColesWorth milk, your money goes to the Mitsubishi Corporation which owns them all via owning Kirin Corp which owns Lion Nathan which owns Australian National Foods.
    Read the fine print after you reach for that 'Australian Company' labelled item.

  14. Two weeks later ...
    Beef farmers 'on suicide watch':Sydney Morning Herald - ‎2 hours ago‎
    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has accused the government of pushing cattle farmers to the brink of suicide by blocking live exports to Indonesia
    If there were any vegetarian Lib voters, then he just lost them.
    Plus, all the big northern spreads are owned by huge corporations and they don't suicide, even when watched. Eventually they will figure out how to sell their livestock here, and commit them to only the Australian level of cruelty.