16 May 2011

arsing around

Bridesmaids rarely look stylish
(refer to movie 27 Dresses ),
and this may be why the idiot-press
is now fixated on a total side-bar to
recent events in London.

"Great minds discuss ideas,
Average minds discuss events,
Small minds discuss people" ...
and if Eleanor Roosevelt,
to whom that is attributed,
was still with us, she might add

... and total plonkers discuss backsides.

Although, there are backsides ... and there are backsides:

Does my arse look big in this?

'The bulk of the gluteal muscle mass
contributes only partially to shape of the buttocks.
The other major contributing factor is that of
the panniculus adiposus of the buttocks, which is very well developed in this area, and gives the buttock its characteristic rounded shape.
Although the gluteal muscle bulk and tone can be improved with massage and exercise, it is the disposition of the overlying panniculus adiposus which may be responsible for the "sagging butt" phenomenon.
Exercise of the body in general which can contribute to fat loss can lead to reduction of mass in subcutaneal fat storage locations on the body which includes the panniculus, so for leaner and more active individuals, the glutes will more predominantly contribute to the shape than someone less active with a fattier composition. The degree of body fat stored in various locations such as the panniculus is dictated by genetic and hormonal profiles ...'

Is it a relief to know it is not diet forming that huge stern we are glad we cannot see?
Photograph of Her Majesty at top, is copyright Andrew Milligan.
Bottom photo is Dita Von Teese and JeanPaul Gaultier.


  1. That's gonna get me in trouble from my IT peeps!

  2. oh Donkey I hope not. I guess Kate never imagined her sisters backside would take over The Wedding reportage either. Her Maj must be furious.

  3. Any prize for picking the middle pic as "best arse"?

    Just askin'...

  4. I have to say that fishtail gown was an unfortunate choice. A trial run in a test dress might have highlighted the fact that getting up some stairs was going to be difficult and inching along instead of being able to walk properly is also not good. And of course a different style wouldn't have showcased her bum like that either.

  5. And so many brides want that dress as their wedding gown. Half an inch in either direction and it ain't gonna look pretty.
    Just as hardly a bride will look as good as Kate as she is very long waisted. Check the measurements from her armpit to hip, it's the reason for the elegance.

    Yes, my dear Bear, there is a prize, we all get to kick you up yours. :)

  6. I suspect that the time will come (if it hasn't already) when Kate is grateful for anything/anyone who can shift the media focus away from her. Including her sister.

  7. I've never had an arse any smaller than 'verandah for dwarves' size and as a straight woman even *I* sat up and went 'humina humina' when Kate's sister fronted up.

    Does that make me a bad person? :)

  8. "Half an inch in either direction and it ain't gonna look pretty."

    What about moi without a G spot Melways don't you appreciate Coppertop?!

  9. Last photo. I'm sure that's Hawt Andrew on the right.

  10. Wait a minute Sedgers, which right are we looking at?

    And you would look lovely in that dress as so as we sewed the top over your head which would leave it a bit short in the arse department. But I have it on good authority that that is your finest asset.

    Even the Word verification agrees = teries.

  11. One of my sisters is a gym junkie (no longer talks with me but she has the flattest worst looking backside possible - sort of matches the rest of her - for all that she could probably run from Melbourne to Sydney - nothing improves that backside of hers!!

  12. Okay, where exactly would you wear that last get-up? Wow...

  13. oh daisy you are so spot-on. i often look at glossy mag fashion features and wonder what situation the get-up is appropriate for.
    That one is no good for sitting on vinyl seats!