05 May 2011

Crashville Skyline

Autumn twilight, 5:30pm Ballarat CBD. The air has changed from crisp to chilly and the birds are making their Close-Of-Business calls. People buying dinner while rushing home from their work. Warm lights through windows of houses on hills while driving ... not 'home', merely 'back'.

Back to paddocks with young steers steaming as they wait in damp grass to become burgers, and to a naughty cattledog who killed a ringtail possum last night, and to two rough types building new steel stock chutes down by the old sheds.

The mood is triste, ennui settles over me. Then I remember I bought chocolate.


  1. photo by ann o'dyne, taken from supermarket carpark today.
    Those buildings are of the 1850's - Her Majestys Theatre, and Craigs Hotel, both on Lydiard Street.

  2. Two rough types? Hmmm.

  3. Wonderful sky line, and all the better to be leaving it.
    Mmmmm chocolate.

  4. I love storm clouds edged with white, they look so shiny.
    Nice photo.
    Steers waiting to become hamburgers.... heh.

  5. where'd my comment go?

  6. gosh Scribbles - I rushed straight to the Blogger/Comments/Spam folder and it isn't there, and I certainly would not lose a comment of yours!

    At my Marshall Stacks blog I always wondered why there were no comments and then I found 72 in the spam folder I did not know existed
    (and then I lost them through my own error. sigh)
    peace and love to you though
    sympathy re the AV election thing. down here we have Preferential Voting and are used to it.
    My Blackpool friend says (on FkBk Brian Hughes) that Labor lost his electorate by 1%. AV might have given that loser all the Preferences of the Lib Dem voters and pushed him over the line. We fight all the time about the 'unfairness' when that happens to us.

  7. OOOOooooh, that's purty!

  8. You put that all so well - "Two Rough types" sometimes the rough diamonds are the best - but not always!