25 April 2011


Easter is not a sensible time to drive four hours on the A300 from Mt. Buninyong, and then the B110, and today I proved my senselessness.
The traffic into Queenscliffe crawled along for miles before the turnoff, slower than walking pace.
The ferry over to Sorrento was so packed that the movable mezzanine level was lowered, loaded and raised to cram 54 cars above and below
as He was risen and renewed on the third day when the stone was rolled away,
the 5pm sun setting over Geelong was my magical moment of reward,
and what at first looked Godly,
was merely our stratosphere struttin' its' stuff.

Use your Easter Monday to celebrate stirrers of every place and time - not just Christ, J., but Bradley Manning too, and every other provocateur The System tries to quash.


  1. What a slacker, you didn't get up for the Dawn Service.
    Glad to hear your voice last night and know you were home safe. There were accidents everywhere and driving into the sunset is my nightmare.

  2. What about the men and women serving overseas who, in their recorded messages home played on the TV today, wished people at home a "happy Anzac Day."

    WTF is going on?

    Also thanks for saving me the effort of posting this myself at VVB.

  3. Here's to ratbags, far and wide. Jesus was a communist.

  4. Yes indeed Gerry, yes indeed.
    Coppy please be assured that the dawn service on St.Kilda Road has been attended in the past by AoD and she has pix to prove.
    Back in the days when the Veterans Motorcycle Club was forced to bring up the rear, I always thought the insult backfired, because it was more deeply moving at that point than if they had led.
    The sound of massed Harleys and their huge flags flying from the stern end, reduced me and the hardened biker molls to tears.
    As Margo Channing said in AAE, remind me to tell you some night about the time ... in 1969 when I went to Kingsford Smith to farewell a conscripted friend on one of those midnight flights to The American War.

    Yes Phil and thank you. Many people confuse 'celebrate' with 'commemorate'. Ann o'D means you all to celebrate Easter Day, but ANZAC day needs to be commemorated by everyone viewing Major Darling and Blackadder in the trenches.

    Gosh, and next we've got The Nuptuals ... do visit Worn Out for Annie's hopes on that one.

  5. You could be onto something - we need a special day for storrers - it amuses me to remember that just after the girls left home, many letters used to come to us with "Shitstirrers Inc." undernesth our names -