21 April 2011

not easy being Queen

The Queen was born
Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
at 2.40am
on April 21 1926
at 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair,
the home of her mother's parents,
the Earl and Countess of Strathmore.
She was the great-great-grandchild
of Queen Victoria, and she is Head of State,
the Armed Forces, the Commonwealth and
the Church of England, and
has been married to the Duke of Edinburgh
for more than 63 years.
Her Aries horoscope from Shelley von Strunckel via TATLER magazine's current issue says:
'You know that certain restrictive habits and activities must go, but feel stuck.'
I hope she has a happy birthday. If I were her I would string all the tiaras up my arms and laugh like a madwoman.


  1. And maybe she does in the privacy of her own homes!!

  2. She has quite an impressive resume.

    I hope they will have cake for her in the office.

  3. I alternate between I Love and Obey My Queen and Country, my Parents and Teachers, to parasite on society. To her credit, she knows what a carburettor looks like. To her disadvantage, that is now irrelevant. God save our gracious queen. Maybe. Ah, just realised the point of the post. Happy birfdy Lillibet. Keep your Phil off the scotch and he might have something nice for you tonight. Just think of England.

  4. Andrew - I was School Captain and led the pledge. Repeat after me: I love God and my country; I honour the flag; I'll serve the Queen; and cheerfully obey my parents, teachers and the law.

  5. She has a cow of a job, and has done for a loooong time. And her family has its moments (don't they all). And, while I would prefer that Oz loosened its ties with her and the family I can only wish her a very happy b'day.

  6. I read the recent Tony Blair biog and he describes going to dinner with The Firm as being preceded by drinks "like rocket fuel" and goes on to say how very appropriate and necessary that was for all at table.

    Scott darling - why am I so absolutely NOT SURPRISED you were School Captain.
    When my gang got to Year 12 (1964) the school announced that all prefects would be selected from Year 11 because we were all ratbags with hair in our eyes who liked The Beatles and it just would Not Do.
    A year of constant insurrection followed, and that's why I admire Her Maj for her endurance and her necessarily lethal gin cocktail.
    Wishing her many, many healthy returns of the day.

  7. dear Scott - why am I not surprised you were School Captain.
    My daily recitation of that pledge only worked for 2 bits of it - so much for indoctrination.

  8. In my old fashioned NSW days the pledge was "I honour my God, I serve my King, I salute my flag." I find the choice of verbs interesting.

  9. "Andrew - I was School Captain and led the pledge. Repeat after me: I love God and my country; I honour the flag; I'll serve the Queen; and cheerfully obey my parents, teachers and the law."

    Are we surprised that B&D is integral the British style of life?

  10. " is integral TO the British style of life?"

  11. oh M'Lord, I always think that type of tpyo never needs re-addressing- we are all smart enough to figure it out; but yes, I can hear Frankie Howerd saying "ooh er" with his hand slapped to his face.

    Hello Frances - honour, serve, salute - all turned into 'snatch & grab' these days.
    Sometimes I salute drivers who give way to me at roundabouts when they don't have to (it is not 'give way to the right', it is actually First To Arrive has way, but nobody knows that. nobody).
    Happy Easter Day to all.

  12. Right, I'll try again.
    She doesn't look her age and I do,damn.
    She's just had to give up riding horses.
    She can still wear that huge weighty crown to open Parliament.
    She can probably still open a beer bottle with her teeth.
    She's still making excuses for the Duke of Boor and no. 2 son, the Duke of Crass.
    Here's to another 10 years of birthdays.

    As much as I'd like Australia to be ours alone, she deserves the honour of Monarch until she carks it.