06 April 2011

Divine retribution

Roof collapses on abbatoir workers
Herald Sun
Abattoir worker dies after roof collapses
Sydney Morning Herald - Stephanie Gardiner - ‎28 minutes ago‎
A man has died after a roof collapsed at an abattoir
. NSW Hunter Valley emergency services attended the Primo Smallgoods abattoir ...

The voodoo continues to succeed. I do not repent. And I am weary of people mentioning that Adolf the Austrian was a vego. There are no vegetarians in the news pages of paed0philes, rap1sts, or guys who chuck their children from bridges. There are no vegetarians in the bowel cancer wards either.
La vache qui rit, and I, both have something to rit about today and I am riting like mad. A pox on all abbatoirs - they are all foreign owned too, as if you care.

Dairy cows have a rotten life, their calves are born when the frost is heavy on the grass, and ripped away from them so WE can have the milk which results. The male calves have a really bad time at the saleyards before they become the veal for your $12 Parma & Pot. The female calves retained to add to the herd, bawl all night for their mothers, so a clever farmer invented rubber gobstoppers for them. The Weekly Times is a horrific, but very political read if you dare try. Do not buy supermarket chain milk which rips off the farmers, because the less money the milk earns, the less care the herd gets.
I wish I had not gone for the Weekly Times link where this upset me -Cow damage slows CityLink traffic
Fkn foreign owned 'CITYLINK was forced to close the centre lane of the Domain Tunnel after a cow reared in a truck and it's head hit a low-clearance overhead sign.'


  1. As if I needed any more reasons to dislike the human race. And, while my mama told me I couldn't be a vegetarian because I don't like brussel sprouts, vegie meals are on the whole, much more interesting.

  2. I buy my milk at a supermarket, but don't buy the supermarket brand. I use very little milk anyway, so it's no bother for me to spend a bit extra on a smaller carton of my choice.

    I love veggies.

  3. I was very sad to hear about the cow hitting the sign. Worse, no one knew or seemingly cared to check if the cow was ok.

  4. This happened in the town of Scone where my mum and sisters lived till they moved. I grew up in Aberdeen 7miles away where they had an abbatoir which was built in the 1880's but was closed down a few years ago. lo and behold in the next town they built a huge and bigger new one - the old one would have never fallen down - in this case the three hundred workers on this shift all came from Taiwan and work here for a few months and go back, then a few months later come back again. A local told me that there are well over 600 of these living in what are really rabbit warrens around town - all this was enabled by the passing of the GATS agreement in the early 2000 (Goods and Trade in Services -which enables foreign labour to come in at a lower rate of pay and work in Australian and Foreign owned factories or farms - its a real disaster for Australia and has lead to huge rises in rural unemployment especially - I get it about the cartoon - excellent - just explaining the background

  5. Bless you El Chi, and River, and yes Andrew, the WT report said 'the condition of the cow was not known'. Well it would have been hysteria in the truck for the rest of the stock with one of them down and unconscious (hopefully).
    Thanks for the inside dope Middle Child - Sudanese refugees staff the Colac abbatoir and two thirds of their wage is contributed by the govt. Meat production is not ecologically sound, and if only you all knew about the chemicals!

  6. Damn, the poor animal makes the frigging news but no fkn tool is intelligent enough to use their god-given eyeballs to ascertain its condition?
    I can recommend goats milk/cheeses from Main Ridge Dairy on the Mornington Peninsula; they do everything free range and natural, keep their old retired girls in with the herd, try to sell the boys as pets, and every single goat has a name/is trested as an individual.
    Was a nice change to meet farmers/producers who cared.

  7. I keep thinking I'd like to become a vegetarian for all the reasons you describe (and more) but do wonder how LC and Sapphire would cope....

  8. It's a disgusting industry - all of it. This is a fantastic, raw, and distressing post. Sorry for your pain

  9. I love cows. They are so timid, and I LIKE how they can be a little ungainly sometimes.

    I went to a dairy in the country and saw a mongrel farmer put a baby calf in his trailer to put in the 'nursery' with all the other calves at the front of the farm for the tourists to gawk at. The mother was running behind lowing. She was trying to keep up. When the farmer came up to the nursery I asked him how could he be so heartless. He told me that is how they have to do it. He said I would be too soft to live on a farm.


    The calves let me pat them. They licked my skirt and sucked my fingers, poor souls. But the adults are too shy. When we see how they are treated we don't have to wonder why.

  10. It's (slightly) off-topic but your post reminds me of my first teaching post in a rundown area of East London.A Poor Area with disadvantaged kids.The school was in a barren area that was still derelict from WW2 bombings.A mile long road that was full of deserted buildings.All that was left was my school &,next door, a working abbatoir.
    On several occasions, i remember teaching class & hearing an unholy row on the main road outside .I and the kids would race to the window & look outside.We would see a poor beast that had escaped.It would run down the road being chased by several blokes in white coats & rubber gloves.It kind of summed up the whole Industry to me.

  11. jeepers Everton Tony - East London Council have a town planning fail of epic proportion. I wonder how many of those kids are VEGANS now. My primary school was next to a cemetery and we used to put our ponies in there for the day after riding to school. Actually I love cemeteries now, so maybe your schoolkids love meat. funny world.

    yes Petticoats - once hit, twice shy. at the saleyards there are guys whose job it is to hit the stock with a stick so they jump around and the buyers can see them better. I hope those guys all get eye-cancers bigger than the ones the stock have (they get them from standing in paddocks with no trees during heatwaves).

    Thank You Donkey blogger - I do recall your description of Himalayan street delis with heaps of heads.

    Dear Kath - is there chocolate with no dairy? You would know, and I live in hope.

  12. oh Jayne - 'the animal makes the news' - no no no - the BLOCKED freeway made the frkn news. so we hate them all even more.

    Miss Welby has linked to this post. I haven't figured out how to do that yet. She blogs from Italy but lived in Australia. go and say Ciao bella G'day.

  13. I bet there'd be a lot more vegetarians if the carbon tax principle was applied to animal-unfriendly food production practices?

    But also would be happy if such a tax was applied to Brussels sprouts ...

  14. oh dear OZ - those cruciferous vegetables are so damn healthy for us! Sprinkle nutmeg on sprouts to improve taste.
    Petticoats & Chrome was just saying (at her art-deco place which is for sale but bloody Blugger won't let me comment there) that she loves the word 'crepuscular' and I agree it's in there with cruciferous for snappiness.

  15. I now read labels for any mention of 'Halal' friendly.
    That completely does it for me and I will not point you to what 'Halal' means to poor animals.

    I do eat free range chickens and eat free range eggs, I must go on record for that. I love brussell sprouts and not only nutmeg but grated orange rind dresses them up nicely.

  16. Nice to see you're still a cranky old thing. Maintain your rage! :-)

  17. ... and I also meant to say that I'm with you Andrew. What type of an aphorism is "cow damage" anyway?

    They say we can judge a society on the way we treat their most vulnerable. If we cannot show a little compassion to those dear creatures, one has to ask, what beasts have we become?

    Dear Melbourne Mod, I cannot understand why Blogger has blocked you from commenting on my site. I will try and look into it. Otherwise you can contact me here:

  18. "I love brussell sprouts and not only nutmeg but grated orange rind dresses them up nicely."

    Exactly how we cook and eat our halal busty sprouts. (They are a much maligned vegetable - much like moi.)

  19. Forgive my ignorance, Ms O'Dyne, but I have initiated the "follow" thingie. What happens now?
    And anyway, you have 52 followers, not 44. catch up, girl. g,d,r.