08 March 2011

Style ? !

This is how it goes:
Step One: Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award.
Dear Elephant's Child, a Stylish Blogger herself, has dubbed me in her list of regard, and I thank her sincerely.
Step Two: Share seven random things about yourself:
I go mental over distressed animals.
I have six blogs.
I am a nomad.
I have bailed-out a person from the lock-up.
Been taken in for questioning in two cities ...
and have a convict ancestor.
Am an only child Virgo who married an only-child Virgo.

Step Three: Confer Stylish Blogger Award on 15 bloggers.
Here are my Fab Fifteen -
1 Great Southern Jayne
2 Miss Boynton
3 Hot Andrew
4 Gone Chocco
5 Stirrers Dream
6 Red Nomad OZ
7 Not Really Austrayan
8 Cazzie Don't Do Mornings
9 Confessing Food-Nazi
10 Petticoats And Chrome
11 Fen Into The Sound
12 Redoing The Undone
13 Deanna's WORD
14 Sherry's Too Much August
15 Elisabeth In Line

Step 4: Advise your recipients of their BlogHonour.


  1. Ooo, you made me number 10!

    How g'damn exciting! Thank you so much.

    Makes me swing out and swish my petticoats round. And I have Johnny Thunders on the turntable, so it is all possible right now.

    Thank you! x x

  2. Thank you so much for including me!!

    I'll have to check out some of these other blogs.

    I loved reading the facts about you. Interesting about being taken in for questioning.....

  3. Oooh. I am going to have to check these out. Love your list of random thingies too.

  4. Aw thanks Ms O'Dyne! I'd love to do this from a chocolatey perspective!

  5. Thanx so much! I'll have to edit my post from yesterday ... do you think anyone'll notice if I just sneak this in??


    PS that Virgo thing is just too weird ...

  6. oh wow, you too? (that's what i thought when i read your seven things). hey thanks for the nod to august! and thank you for the link to the rock. humor gets us through so much, huh!

  7. Thanks, Ann. I just did this on my other blog, The K is No Longer Silent. I have about 6 blogs too. Some of them are kind of secret. Your 7 things are pretty cool, especially bailing someone out.

  8. Why thank you Brownie - will have to get around to this one time - and if I do you will be on my lest

  9. Thanks everybody - I love you all.

    Kass the bail-out was back in the pre-ATM days when a large amount of cash was hard to get, on a Sunday. friends had stripped while LSD-tripping in a huge park in the centre of Sydney. The narcs threw them in the slammer and made the bail huge, knowing it could never be got.
    they never imagined we were holding twice that much cash, in anticipation of buying a kilo of the finest dope.
    I was sent with it because I looked straight.
    Strange days indeed.