14 March 2011

read it and weep

WordRapt, a commentor at my favourite online read which was lamenting a decline in bookshops, lead me to discover a Catalan artist - Ramon Casa i Carbo, who had one great picture and this is it.
This woman having a physical reaction to a yellow book.
I know the feeling.
The closing, despite my patronage, of McGill's Books which was in Elizabeth Street Melbourne for many decades, is extra sad because it was THE ONLY retailer of The Guardian in Victoria. Please be aware that every time you purchase printed material at a supermarket, you are causing the closure of newsagents which carry esoteric magazines and papers, that the supermarkets will never bother selling.
This is a situation which could be taken to the United nations organisation, if it was any use.


  1. You are so, so right. And ditto for buying books in BigW and KMart.

  2. You are right and yet it is tough. When I'm pressed for time, it's pretty damn tempting to grab a magazine at the same place I'm buying my tampons, bread and meat from.

    However, I'm a 'Readings' girl through and through and will do my best to go there when given a choice.

    LOVE the photo! I imagine that she's just read 'Pride and Prejudice' ??

  3. Yes, the big chains have enough market share. BUT ... then it becomes a fine line between supporting independents, and following reduce/reuse/recycle principles and borrowing the book or mag from the library!

  4. fellow-Nomad: how many libraries do you belong to?
    I belong to three regional library areas covering Camperdown across to Bacchus Marsh, and the Mornington Peninsula. hilarious.

    Kath: because it was out and outrageous at the time of that artist, I am hoping it is Aubrey Beardsley's Yellow Book - the 1895 forerunner of Who Weekly.

  5. LOVE the photo! I imagine that she's just read 'Pride and Prejudice' ??

    She may well have just been sub edited by Mr Darcy.

  6. a wonderful modernist Catalan painter undoubtedly thanks for visiting my blog, I put on the list of my friends
    a hug from Catalonia

  7. More likely an allergic reaction to that green chaise loooooooongue.

  8. ' ... it's not easy being green ... '
    Hi Phil - good to see you. While the shade of green is particularly vile, it is 100 years ago, and the composition of the work is faultless.
    It is however, his "Wild Thing' - one great work in a sea of rubbish, as with Reg Presley of The Troggs.

  9. I know it's a dreadful admission, but I'm struggling to remember the titles of any other Troggs trackks.

  10. precisely dear Phil - and the royalties still keep the roof on their country houses.
    We only need one Golden Egg.
    Speaking of moolah -
    Today I long to read her publicist's headline that Miz Nicole K-U has written a million-dollar cheque to match that of the adored Sandy Bullock.

  11. Now I'm struggling to figure out why.

    Also, I didn't know about the country houses, although we do watch the show on TV where people from the City get to look at 4 Country HOuses and choose the one the they like. They tend to be very picky.

    I was once asked to play Wild Thing at a party where I was providing the entertainment (very loosely defined).

  12. Why? is Sandy Bullock adored?
    2. hasn't Our Nic donated to the big fund?
    3. do the Wild Thing royalties roll in 40 years on?

    re the country houses: I assume, re Ozzy in Chalfont St.Giles, and the satired Bill Nighy character in Still Crazy, that all vintage pommy rockstars have 50 regional rooms.

    I do wish I had been at that party gig of yours.
    All bands are subject to the crowd screaming for Brown Sugar. Any band negotiating a wedding reception have to explain to the bride that the double-fee is to cover the danger of her drunken grandpa demanding Danny Boy at 1am because he is writing the cheque, and her drunken 1am self insisting he be humoured.
    I think Wild Thing craps all over the usual suspects heading all those tedious Greatest lists in the music industry. 3 chords. one single pure emotion. gravitas, and it rocks.
    Reg Presley, we salute you.

  13. It's always made my heart sing, regrettably the bits of me that are actually meant to do the singing aren't very good at it. However, a modicum of drunkenness is a worthy excuse.

  14. Yeah I agree - in Melbourne which is supposed to be some kind of UNESCO Centre for Literature or something ... but we have had a bit of a win with the recent, uncertain future of Borders, and where I live, at least, there's gotta be 5 independent book stores within a kilometre, and all seemingly doing OK. But I find it almost impossible to find a newsagent who will stock the Economist on the day it is released - usually it's a week behind - more like a Centre for Ignorance and Laziness - u seem to be able to get MX on every corner!