14 February 2011

Patron faint

St. Valentine was a Priest, martyred in 269 at Rome.
He is the Patron Saint of
bee keepers,
engaged couples,
and unrequited love.


  1. Brosnan and Macfadyen yes. Firth no. Brand - needs a shower and delousing. Happy St Bee Keeper!

  2. You can have all of the above except Colin. He's mine!

  3. McFadyen gives me the swoons, even, well particularly in Spooks, without the Regency ruffles. and Scott! Rusty E Brand is so not dirty!! The MSM said that about The Beatles in 1964 for godssakes. Bet you go to Arthur where he is spruce in a suit.
    I am always drawn to dark bad funny clever boys. Robert Downey, even Jack Black!

  4. It's hard to imagine how all those things that SV is patron saint of are related! MUST be a story behind that somewhere ... I'm sure it would make a great movie, with CF playing the lead, natch!!

  5. Am sure he's the patron saint of sexually transmitted infections as well, or is there a Saint Chlamydia or Cecil of Herpatica?

    BTW none of those blokes do it for me. I'm struggling to think which celebrity I'd risk a STI for these days?

  6. Oh my, that is what I should wish for: A Mr Darcy all of my own.

    Ann, thank you for that information. I do not know what the links are, but here is my justification for the little it is worth:

    I guess in those cannonising years we might expect a lover to faint if presented with their true Valentine for all time; Honey seems like a mataphor for love, and the engaged couples I guess advocate for themselves. I have nothing historically accurate for the next two, but epilepsy did take Ian Curtis, who wrote Love Will Tear Us Apart, but I don't think that counts, and I must admit the last scene of Herzog's Nosferatu with Kinski circling the bed is the epitome of romantic for me, and links thus the plague.

    And unrequited love, so beautifully Valentine.

  7. Great collection of Valentine images and thoughts.

    So unique.

  8. How about them bee keepers!

  9. Love the holy card image, I collect old holy cards. The one I have of St Valentine is not nearly as cool as that one.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)

    word verification: poxictme. (sounds infectious)

  10. Scott darling I just adore Russell Brand. He loves cats - give him a chance.

    Thanks Kass all the way from The Beehive State.
    I am so impressed you built a deck onto your cabin without any help.

    Jayne - bees are dying out and without them we don't grow food. beekeepers in Vic are ridden hard by the govt and have to submit all kinds of bothersome stuff all the time. They need a patron saint.

    Red Nomad - you're out there trawling for Valentines I just know it. I dream of owning a Winnebago. happy trails.

    JahTeh - sorry I left Eoin Gruffyd out of my moody swoonys, probably because his name is tricky.

    Petticoats- all that sexy lingerie at your blog is behind your 'vampires circling my bed' stuff.
    Don't turn the light out tonight.

    Daisy - poxic t'me comes after sockic t'me.
    I think Outspoken Female wins for St. Chlamydia (patron saint of koalas?)

    love to you all

  11. Ann, lots of bees are in strife, including the native types, we need to encourage them not kill them off with shedloads of pesticides due to locusts because some twat in NSW declared no control spraying was required for locusts last year.

  12. The beloved Welsh stud muffin is in James Cameron's new film, Sanctom. Not even he could get me to a film about being trapped in caves underwater which then flash flood. Ioan it is, Rusty is easier but not as cute.

  13. You can keep the pretty boys, just give me the prettily wrapped choccies.

    Any ideas on how to encourage native bees? Since the street beehive was removed, I've scarcely seen a single bee around here.

  14. Brand... oh yes. Am very partial to older men as well...Sean Connery! And I will always have a soft spot for Sir Mick Jagger

  15. Alan Rickman, how could you forget Alan Rickman?

  16. oh JahTeh - she left out John Cusack too. speaking of Big Al, and therefore his old flame Ruby Wax - did you see the DM on her and Harry Shearer who is now married to her best friend. HS was infamously in Spinal Tap and is also the fabulous Mr Burns in The Simpsons. funny Ruby.