26 February 2011

I roo the day

Early morning and only 5 minutes drive from a shopping mall, 15 kangaroos grazing in the front yard of this house of which I am temporary guardian. They refuse to take direction so are not all in the photo. Two of them had a bit of a bitch-slap ...

... and then they all left.
(please click to enlarge any of these images)
The baby kanga could not jump the fence and was left behind, going up and down several times until it found a section of the wire it could squash through underneath. While fretting over all the other baby kangas abandoned beyond fences, I will be out there very soon, making that hole bigger .


  1. Love it. Thank you.

    We have kangaroobies just up the road from us in a nature park and when on the bus I always crane my neck (risking damage) to see and enjoy them. And am frequently the only one. I can't understand the mentality that doesn't get pleasure in them. Years back when we were living in central west NSW I saw an emu and chick and was super excited. The reaction of others? So. A pox on their houses.

  2. Wonderful headline pun. Are joeys often stranded at fences?

  3. I would be so excited to see something like that!

  4. Tres bucolic. Nice. This is attempt no 4 to post this somewhat superfluous comment.

  5. oh Phil you are a star for the effort.
    AOD will be happy to know you passed by.
    I have had that issue at Highriser where my comments just. will. not. adhere.
    Some of my greatest work has just evaporated.

    off topic: I hope everybody saw the Wikileaks doco tonight on SBS. no wonder the Septics want him evaporated. their hypocrisy is gobsmacking.

  6. Those are great photos, especially the first one. It reminds me of something from the movie, "Out of Africa."

  7. So great to see half our coat of arms up so close and personal ...

    Why not link one of your great posts to the travel-related Bloghop I'm hosting in Red Nomad Oz-land?? Would love to see you there!!

  8. I see them all the time here and they have worked out the fence nicely - it still amazes me how high and quickly they can move