21 December 2010

nothing concrete to go on

This is my photo of partially demolished giant silos of
Joe White Maltings.
100 years an employer in the small regional city of Ballarat, the company was recently subsumed by a foreign multi-national and closed down. The land sold for housing.
The people who used to work there will be lucky to find replacement jobs, so next time you find yourself assessing another human as a benefits parasite, ask yourself first, how did they get that way.
This sort of thing is happening all over OUR country that we used to own but now just rent grace-and-favour style.


  1. Interesting to consider us being grace and favour tenants in the country of our birth.

  2. I notice they're retaining the name Joe White Maltings, pity they couldn't retain the actual company and plant.

  3. What a commentary! What are we to do with all this? I ask myself everyday, as if I had some say in it?

  4. Brian: it felt like it when I stood right there. There was a guy on top of it in a wrecking machine when I took the photo - the thing was HUGE.
    Kass: none of us has a say in anything - what Democracy?.
    Jayne: our history slipping away.
    Andrew: we own nothing. Next time you reach for it just remember Pura milk is Japanese-owned and our farmers get 4c a litre.

  5. Democracy, 'mateship', justice and government are all words with new meanings in recent times. It's depressing ... but but will that give us the impetus to fight it? Sadly, I think you're right though - we have no say, maybe our voice has been sold off.

  6. Democracy is the cycnicism of the selfish impelling the will of the ignorant to oppress the clarity of the intelligent.

  7. I was just reading about Heathrow being snowed-in due to lack of resources blamed on foreign ownership -
    "government stood idly by while a little-known, family-controlled Spanish construction group called Ferrovial was allowed to buy all of Britain’s airports at the knockdown price of £10.3billion. What’s more, the purchase was made despite the firm already having huge debts.
    This was just the latest squalid example of a British government selling key parts of this country’s infrastructure to foreign buyers. For example, control of our ports passed from one of the nation’s great historic companies, P&O, into the hands of Dubai World; and most of our power utilities have been sold to continental giants EDF of France and E.ON of Germany"
    so it's not just Australia.

    (In that report, the DM blames Labor but it was actually the Thatcher govt apparently.)

  8. umm, 'maltings'. Have just bought one of the those plastic 'home brew' thingos.

  9. The post-industrial world, I'm afraid. I don't like it. The only people who do are the parasites.

  10. You are spot on re unemployment - once in the daytime you hardly ever saw blokes shopping with their families they were all at work - you could go anywhere and get a job if you weren't fussy - a week or two there and you became permanent - with holiday pay etc. My niece has worked full time for 5 years at the one job and is still called casual - she has no job security, no sick pay, no holiday pay...

  11. Thanks OZ.
    Yes Middle Child - and once in the daytime one never saw school-age children roaming the streets.
    I guess there are now unemployed Truant Officers.
    Yes Lad Litter - hell in a handbasket aka The Fall Of The Roman Empire (part 2).