29 December 2010

Are you free?

It's been driving me to distraction every time I see his photo
and thankfully
Vanity Fair magazine solved it for me.
Editor Graydon Carter pioneered the
'Separated At Birth' joke at SPY magazine back in the early 1980's.
Hopefully at the end of all the meaty Swedish legal ballsup, JA will also be able to say
"I'm free!".


  1. We just posted about the same thing. May it do some good somewhere and for someone. I also donated the Assange's defense fund. THAT you can still do through Paypal.

  2. OMG! I watched Are you being served last nighton the eejit box and thought the same thing :D

    HA! the word in the box is taming, how apt that is on a post about JA.

  3. Good eye. You're right.

  4. That's amazing! It's been bugging me for AGES - so I'm grateful you've cleared that up and I can now sleep at night!!

    Thanx also for following (and commenting!) on my blog - I look forward to continuing this mutual appreciation in 2011!!

    Happy travels!!

  5. Uncanny! Happy New Year to you!

  6. I thought he looked familiar!!! Hmmm mysteriouser and mysteriouser

    a happy new year to you too!!!

  7. A very articulate blogger Daisy's Dead Air has summed-up the entire brawl much better than I could - here is the essence of the Swedish secks which was re-assessed weeks later as rape*:
    'In the real world, Interpol doesn't go after a man for having sex with a woman who is asleep or one who tells him to stop. They just don't. So, people are thinking, how does Julian rate this kind of manhunt? To most people, this means he MUST be a violent Silence-of-the-Lambs rapist on the loose; some ("creep") rapist right out of LAW AND ORDER: SVU.

    Keeping this in mind, how will his project, Wikileaks, be received, if he is a lunatic rapist? Here in the south, some people will refuse to even look at it. Some already are refusing, now they have a reason APPROVED BY THE MEDIA. See?

    A friend said offhandedly today that Assange was a bad guy and a rapist, so "what he says about the war" is probably wrong. (this person doesn't know much about Wikileaks and what it is, how it works, etc) THIS is how smears succeed so well with most people, who aren't into nuance and who don't follow news closely... which is unfortunately most of the people, most of the time.'

  8. I thought I'd made a joke about Mrs Slocombe's pussy in your comments, Annie...must have dreamt it. Too late now though. The subtle wit of Mr Humphries et al has gone.

  9. Free? Not me. I'm very expensive. Ha Ha.

    I love that show.

  10. I see a reboot for Are you Being Served, I really do. Start the casting roundup: I'll see your Julian Assange as Mr Humphrey and raise you a Bronwyn Bishop as Mrs Slocombe.

  11. Even funnier, Still Life With Cat has Tilda Swinton in the biopic playing Assange and Gillard

    ( ... as the next AUS election swings on the JA issue and she is banished by the electorate for colluding with the Septics).