19 November 2010

Country roads

Yesterday I was on the road from Shelford to Skipton and so was this mob of ewes and lambs.
I love the west (except for the part where the stock dies).


  1. Reminds me, must take some meat out of the freezer for dinner.

  2. If the lambs were still with them, chances are good they'll live for a bit longer yet!!

    Happy travels!!

  3. Crikey, the only animals that I saw in my neck of the woods today was the dog and a few drunk uni students ..... Slightly less dung, though.

  4. when i read "Skipton" i first thought you'd moved near to me in Yorkshire!
    You would be very unlikely to see such a view in the English Skipton these days (A) because of the hight motor traffic & (B) cos of 'Factory Farming' + suchlike......
    Come to think of it, although I live in a semi-rural area , the only thing I've seen today is a Zebra-Crossing !

  5. Looks like the sheepses from Westmere 'Shoulden' have strayed a bit.

    (I blame the fencing contractors!)

  6. Annie, what have you done? You've got Sedgers all excited now.

  7. Where are the roos? That's what we have.