17 October 2010

Just the ticket - 1966

This is the swing-ticket,
and I still have the dress as well. It's a white crepe Dollybird dress.
Puff sleeves covered in rows of lace, covered buttons all down the front.
I wore it with white patent Mary Jane shoes bought in Regent Place.
Totally sweet Sixties. The Sixties I'm in now, are not so totally sweet that I can get more than an arm in it. But at least I am not alone, as model Pattie Boyd says in her recent memoir that she looks at some of her Sixties dresses and they appear to have been made to fit a doll. Dolly birds.


  1. .....whereas someone like me was NEVER a tiny dolly. I was always 'big'.

    This means that, had I bothered to keep some of my younger-self clothes that are now in fashion again, I'd still fit into them, but, as my mum says, "If you wore it the first time it was in fashion, you're too old to wear it the second time." That's why I'm glad that tracksuit pants and ugg boots NEVER go out of fashion.....

  2. I Bet You Looked FAB !

  3. only oldies would know that the Sixties wasn't all MOD.

  4. Ah, but what was that event you went to just before your cousin's birthday and how large you said all your contemporaries had become, that is if they had survived. You are doing well.

  5. Hello evahbodee, it is me Grover because Ms. A.O'D is too convulsed to thank you properly for your attention - she has been watching Gimme Gimme Gimme on ABC22.

    Kath - to wear your historic clothes, you just need to hang with different people than you do.
    Tony you are too kind thank you.
    Andrew - it was a reunion of the young punks who were skinny and broke in 1977, and now have credit cards in their large-size Hugo Boss suit-pockets. When they were 20 and AOD was 40, it was a contrast, but now they are 40 they look the same as her. ha!
    I am amazed that AOD has moved 25 times and now has no home at all, yet has this 45-year-old swing-ticket, and the dress!

  6. I love the pattern on your swing ticket. I wish I still had one of my 'dolly bird' dresses. I definitely wouldn't fit in it ... not even remotely, but it would be nice to look at it and dream. Recently my 25 year old son hosted an '80s party at his house. When he told me about it, I felt old for the first time. I mean, the 60s is one thing, but the 80s seem like yesterday!

  7. Your still swinging in your 60s :)

    Hey about time there was another blog/picnic/art outing for summer don't you reckon?

  8. It's nice to know there's someone else who saves EVERYTHING!

  9. Kass - syllogomania is the word for hoarding crap.

    Nana Jo - you are as far away from me as Kass is, and the daisy motif was Mary Quant and our Prue probably was influenced by that. I love daisies because they are cartoon flowers.

    Another Outspoken Female : yes. Boynton wants to as well.
    1. not The Calder, 2. not on a Really Hot Day again, 3: Saturday? Sunday? or an AfterWorkDay?
    Let's anticipate November?

  10. hi, ann. just checking in.

  11. Oh the daisies! I had large pink-and-yellow daisy stickers all over the little Suzuki 50cc I used to ride around on. Even had matching stickers on the helmet.
    I never did have a ruffly white dress though, strictly a jeans and t-shirt girl.

  12. My eldest sister had those dresses called shifts - which had geometric black and white patterns on them - she looked great - it all missed me - I was a jeans (flares which ahem are back in they say) and T Shirt person...

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