24 August 2010

Virtually de luxe re 24-8-48

Welcome friends - this is a fabulous Virgo blogger party and
we are drinking the Dom Perignon -
and it won't run out
and this is our venue - a garden restaurant at cocktail time. Virgoan Food Nazi approves of our other divine treats -
The one and only elegant professor of melody and rhyme, Mr Randy Newman
is blessing us with a recital of his music -
I Love L.A.,
Mama Told Me Not To Come,
Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear, culminating in the irresistible
'You Can Leave Your Hat On', and we are singing and dancing and laughing.

When Mr Newman leaves, we console ourselves with karaoke requested by Virgoan Miss Boynton. Plenty of Torch Songs and some Cole Porter too - What a swelegant elegant party this is, and after our virtual good time,

here is your Thank-you-for-coming lolly-bag.


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that chocolate chest. What a beautiful way to present chocolates!

    Looks like you're having a wonderful time. The garden restaurant looks gorgeous.

  2. I may have to stampede over Kath's prone body to get that chocolate chest.
    I love Simon Smith and his amazing dancing bear.
    The chairs look large and comfortable and I'll have a Brandy Alexander to start.
    I want a decent cake too not one of those impossible to eat nicely Croquembouche things.
    Will the waiters be nekkid because we'll have to tie Hot Andy to the chair?

  3. The chocolate box does it for me as well mmm and that big restaurant looks so good -
    a family member made don a chocolate box with a key (which don used to hide) because the girls and I couldn't leave his chocolate alone - he'd take a month to eat a bar of chocolate and knowing it was in the house was hell...he'd let us have one piece and then get us to lock it and for a quadriplegic he managed to hide that key so well I never found it...till later and the chocolate was all white and suspicious looking

  4. Yes Middle Child - chocolate is The Drug.
    I've tried hiding it from myself.
    Copperwitch- you can order virtually anything you like, virtually. This is the best party.

  5. How about some smooth karaoke ;)
    (Must have had too many virtual bubbles)
    A swell party indeed.

  6. P.S. Does Virgo blogger party mean Leos can't attend? Damn....

  7. oh dear River come right in. Leos love to be the centre of attention and they always have dramatic hair. This party is merely celebrating Virgos. 24th is the cusp with Leo - what could be worse than combining the finicky Virgo with the drama of Leo. I need another Dom ...

  8. I keep coming back here to look at those chocolates and I find Karaoke, Cry me a River and Love for Sale, I'm in.

  9. Good God, Simon Smith and co. I'd blotted that one right out of the memory banks, on the other hand local ABC radio played the Cowsills the other day.

    I say, that's a damn fine box 'o choccies.

  10. What a lovely and indulgent party. Thanks for inviting me, and I'm sorry I'm late.

  11. Chocolates and Randy Newman. Doesn't get much better.

  12. Lovely idea, Ann O'Dyne. I will hold a Capricorn party in January. Does Randy Newman sing "short people"? My karaoke song is "Black Velvet" (Alanah Myles) and "Rhinestone Cowboy" (by that guy.)

  13. Aaargh, I missed your birthday! So sorry, and belated birthday wishes. Balcony

  14. In America every man is free
    To take care of his home and his family
    You'll be as happy as a monkey in a monkey tree
    You're all gonna be an American

    Sail Away
    We'll cross the mighty ocean
    into Charleston Bay


  15. Good to see you Daisy -
    Let's Drop The Big One Now:
    "Boom goes London, and Boom! Paree ...
    we'll save Australia,
    Don't wanna hurt no kangaroo-oo"

    I have loved Mr Newman since 1968.
    *goes off singing "what do he weigh folks? can you guess what he wei-eighs?
    You know it's only a quarter - win a teddy bear for the girlfriend or something for the wife.
    You've got to get this fat boy into your life"