23 July 2010

Steer me through the fog

These steers are weary as I am of the endless fog - this photo of them and their friends the cattle egrets was taken in the afternoon yesterday. Everyone is very relaxed so I guess the egrets have eaten all the ticks off the steers and are just hanging out.


  1. I love the cows as long as there's a fence between us. Our fog turned into rain yesterday and there's no blue sky this afternoon.

  2. There is a Grandma Moses serenity to this shot.

  3. Thanks for swinging by J & K.
    Yep, they weigh a lot and you don't want them standing on your foot bones that's for sure.
    They get bored witless and when a woman stops the car they rush to fence just because their day is so uneventful.
    Kass - that 'serenity' is deep deep fog. it's like Sherlock Holme's London here at the moment.
    I love Grandma Moses paintings and all the other 'Naives' too. Wish I owned one - I could sell it and retire on the proceeds.

  4. Nice shot. Do egrets really eat the ticks off cattle? Awwww, when animals co-operate...

  5. I can never relax until my ticks have gone.