11 July 2010

our planet

8am Friday 9th July - the paddock next door, Yeo 3249.
A year ago, this was a forest of pines,
all of them silently, constantly, converting carbon-dioxide to oxygen while kangaroos slept on spongy dry layers of forest-floor pine-needles ...
and now it's not.
I took this next photo at a later time-of-day,
from the exact same spot, facing the opposite direction-


  1. Oh, I didn't see the dead kangaroo at first. Because I don't know the area, I just thought that the top photo looked mysterious. It reminded me of a bombed-out battlefield.

  2. Beautiful last photo - what happened to the kangaroo?

  3. Middle Child & Snowbrush, good to see you both. The dear dead kanga is very upsetting. It was one of 12 who come to the paddock every night at 5pm and it has no visible injury.
    Yes that bombed-out battlefield is what a lovely forest looks like after the LOGGERS have been through. horrible, and worse in the early morning fog. Click to enlarge for the full moonscape effect.
    I think of all the critters who lived in those acres of trees, and how they survived.

  4. Loggers, you say. I thought at first it might be bush fires. It's a shocking scene.

  5. We have loggers in Oregon, USA, too. They clear-cut entire forests from steep mountainsides, replant with only one kind of tree (Douglas Fir), poison everything else, and call it environmentalism.

  6. Terribly....horribly....

  7. once i saw the dead kangaroo, that is all i could feel. such a loss. your post spares the words, which allows for the full body-punch delivery.

    in montana, we have entire sections trying to recover from clear-cuts as well. (and strip-mines: arsenic and leaching ponds).