04 July 2014

RIP Wilbur

Update July 2014 - since 2010 when I wrote this:
"In the centre of Rokewood with a lovely view of the church spire (and the pub), Wilbur the hog accepts the admiration of passing travellers. I finally stopped to capture his magnificence for your enjoyment He knows I don’t eat ham or bacon or pork."
Wilbur has passed away, peacefully in his sleep with a full tummy.  His death was widely reported in various daily  papers. I went past today and the junction was not funny anymore.

This week I drove the C146 and enjoyed, as I always do, the sight of this spire emerging from distant trees and telling me I have reached Rokewood where my Tuxedo-Cat Miss Kitty lives on a farm with my friend.

The church under this spire was built in 1862 by
Edinburgh-boy Alexander Davidson who
had eloped here with his cousin Eugenia Cooper, to avoid
a scandal and be married by their uncle the Revd. John Cooper.

They built themselves a substantial cottage in Rokewood and as well as his uncle’s church under that steeple, he designed bluestone mansions right across Victoria’s Western District for all the rich graziers competing with each other for the most rooms and biggest ballroom -
Kurruc-a-Ruc and Wurrok both in Rokewood, ,
Mooleric, and Barwon Park in Winchelsea,
Barunah Plains in Inverleigh, Narrepumelap in Wickliffe, Darra at Meredith,
Titanga and Gala at Lismore, and just up the road from me -Yeowarra which was originally called just YEO -
Photos of all these rockpiles can be found at the National Trust Register

And here’s a fact for Hot Andrew - Between June 1885 and March 1887 Davidson held the appointment of Architect for the Melbourne Tramway Trust and designed the MMTB building at 48 Nicholson St Fitzroy.


  1. Impressive pig here - spire, pig and fostered out kitty. No wonder you enjoy your visits.

    Rokewood is near Ballarat, isn't it? Filled with history, as history goes here, first the indigenous and then the invaders. Thanks for this opportunity to visit.

  2. Yes Elisabeth, the C146 is a north-south road from Ballarat to The Princes Highway at Colac.
    There are no traffic lights on it at all.
    That road behind wonderful Wilbur is the C143 from Geelong to Skipton, featured in my Signs Of Life post earlier. The sense of our history is more evident out here where there is less development than you have in the urbanised city.

  3. A diversity of sights you encountered.

    Just what is a C146? A Mitsubishi? A Subaru? A motorcycle?

  4. Hi Kass - your US191 is a lesser road than the US84 and our C146 is a completely rural road. No manufacturing or retail, no housing estates, just farms and churches for 50 miles.
    Clean air too. peace and love to you

  5. A pub, a church, a pork duchess.

    That does it. I'm moving to Rokewood.

    (you can't stop me)

  6. Crikey, Wilbur's just as impressive as the rock piles you described!

    ....does he have his own facebook page yet?

  7. Great pig. Unfortunately I DO enjoy bacon, ham and sausages...

  8. Ah the pig. But Arnold, surely.



  9. Thats some piggie - interestng hhistorical stuff