28 June 2010

on The Barongarook

Until August, this C154 across The Barongarook is the road home for me.
Scot Hugh Murray landed from Geelong in 1837 to be the first European in the area belonging to the Coladjin Aborigines. The two earlier 1837 arrivistes, Gellibrand and Hesse, simply disappeared.
They must have been less friendly than Hughie was to the Coladjin tribe, who allowed him to build his 3rd Colac house on this hill, which he named Barongarook House, and lived there until his death in 1869. On the right of the photo, white rails frame a marker of the place.
Nothing will mark my own stay here, except happy chickens.


  1. Happy Chickens *is* marking your stay!

  2. I know those chickens will stay happy long after you've disappeared down the C154



  3. What I wouldn't give to make some chicken happy.

  4. Yes, Kath, thank you.
    Pants - they will miss me, no doubt.
    Kass - it's easy to do.
    They have to stay in their large 'run' until midday and they lust for grass so I fork up great clumps from the paddock and thrill them with delivery like Pizza Express.
    They love rolling in dry earth so I have dug them a dust bath which I sieved the stones out of, and they are great fun to watch as they roll in it, wings up and eyes closed.
    Turning over the earth with a spade they leap on to get first lunge at the worms is fun too. Their owner wouldn't do any of these silly things.There is a Chicken Lady Hall of Fame with The Duchess of Devonshire at #1 and she says that the chickens of her childhood paid for the governesses all Those Mitford Girls drove crazy.
    There is a bruce weber photo of her feeding her chooks wearing a Paris couture gown and diamonds (fiercely copyright so I cannot post it) worth searching for.
    When you buy Farm Pride or Pace eggs you are supporting cruelty to living things. Even the 'free range' claim by those factories is suspect. be a discerning Gatherer please.

  5. And happy chickens lay happy eggs - or do they?

  6. My school bus would often conk out going home up that hill.

  7. Yes MC - happy eggs and they taste better.
    although at 7am today a golden-retriever sized fox was circling their yard and took no notice of my clumping gumboots until I was right on it.
    They sure can leap - right over the woodpile.
    Fewer eggs today possibly.

    FX - thanks for your visit. I hope your bus was in the days before your folks had to pay $700 per child for the service.