12 June 2010

fickle finger of fate

My DELL laptop with Windows XP has died of an unfixable 'fatal error' and has been replaced with this Toshiba rubbish with frkn Windows7 I hate and now I cannot upload a photo to a blogpost and I am just as unhappy right now as Andy Muirhead, creator of beloved ABCTV show The Collectors.
The only thing I have to say about his terrible situation is encapsulated in this news:
"Australian Customs says it will apologise to a Darwin man who spent three nights in jail for bringing bottles of shampoo and conditioner into Australia.
Neil Parry was arrested last Friday at Darwin Airport after a test allegedly found he had 1.6 kilograms of MDMA, also known as ecstasy, in his toiletries.
His boat and
the houses of two of his friends were also searched by police.
Mr Parry was given bail after posting $10,000 surety.
But further testing on Wednesday revealed the substances were just shampoo and conditioner and all charges were dropped yesterday morning.
Customs says it will write to Mr Parry to express its regrets.
Mr Parry says the incident has ruined his reputation and he is considering legal action
Here at O'Dyne Inc., we hope and suspect that these incompetent Customs badge-wavers have cousins on the Feds Computer Stasi. The charges state the alleged offence occurred "between 15th May and 6th June". Recent, yet they were right onto his computer. This aspect puzzles my analytical Virgo mind.
While we wait till August for the evidence on Andy, you all watch what you are guugling for. I looked online for a culotte pattern one time, and got some very evil photos in image results.
Must go, I hear jackboots on the verandah ...


  1. The evil photos serve you right for looking up culotte patterns.

  2. Never one to shirk investigation, I've just tried googling for 'culotte patterns' myself. You're right. Fashion that sadistic should be written up in the history books as a hangable offence.

  3. Be very, very careful what you google.

    I am often surprised at the amount of people that allow themselves to be filmed for that Border Security show. The show is a surprise hit in Sweden, where one person told me they call it 'Australia: don't come to our country' due to what they perceive to be overly stringent customs/quarantine laws.

  4. Australian Customs are atrocious. The people they have working at air ports are a half(goose) step away from brown shirts + red armbands.

  5. I always always get searched at airports all because i can't get two bangles off without breaking all my fingers and I refuse to have them cut off -they are gold but for some reason always set the whistled and bells off - even the metal clips on my bra make the klittle stick they take over me make a beep and somehwhere down my leg near my Knee theres a beep - god knows what that is - an alien implant perchance...and I must look like a terrorist or druggie or something jack boot Australia is a reality you discover when you are the one picked out

  6. Andrew and Hughesy are absolutely correct, there is nothing sexxy about culottes (in English anyhow).
    Thank you dear bionic-knee'd Middle, MissD and Yakky, the whole world is A Police State, but they are obviously doing it wrong, since crime flourishes everywhere.
    If they threw me in the slammer, I could make them so darn sorry by singing Stand By Your Man over and over and over ...