21 May 2010

Eucalypt, Yeo, 7am.

In a foggy Autumn dawn, from the front door of my present haven, this gum tree soars over the old dairy shed.
The realisations provoked by this sight, put me back in my tiny place in Time and on planet Earth, as it revolves, for the moment, in dark space, relying on a flaming sun for each new day.

Later, a pair of Gang-Gang cockatoos landed in it, getting my attention with their very funny call, which sounds just like a big old creaking door - 'waaarrrk!'.
(Of course I didn't get a photo ... I found this one thanks to


  1. I have a friend who emigrated here from England around three years ago, who still laughs at the Aussie bird calls like 'waaaarrrrk!'

  2. oh Kath - here's hoping your friend eventually sees a tree full of kookaburras going crazy, as they do, and has a similar convulsion.

    *runs away singing* ...
    'and a Gang-Gang sang,
    in Berkeley Square ...'

  3. . . . purrs contentedly from deep in my old Uggies.

    Cuddles, Annie.

  4. My life is incomplete, I've never seen a Gang-Gang and they look beautiful.

  5. Same here Jahteh. Perhaps we will die without ever seeing a Gang-Gang. I've seen plenty of gum trees though and that is a fine specimen.

  6. What a name: gang gang...
    Your photo is stunning. You did take the tree shot, right?

  7. Thank you everybody, and Kass = yes, my photo of the massive tree. If you think the name is funny, their call would slay you. Most Aussies think another cockatoo, our Galah, has the funny name, and the word is slang for a dumb fool. they, like all the other 'cockies', fly around in massed flocks, shreiking like a mad aerial circus. This interesting link has a summary of all these funny clever bad birds, many of which I see every day this forest farm - crimson rosellas, galahs, corellas, black cockatoos, and at the moment a huge mass of sulphur-crested cockatoos is blanketing a paddock in the middle distance, because the farmer is ploughing it up (they eat roots). Avian antics!
    Do you have woodpeckers? I saw one once in California and fell about laughing when it did the whole Woody Woodpecker thing. unbelievable.

  8. "Cuckaburra sits in the old gum tree...nah nah nah nah narh, dum dee dum dee..."

    And that, unfortunately, apart from 'Two Little Boys' and 'Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport', completes my entire repertoire of Australian sounding music...

  9. Hi Brian - nobody Cucks my burra as you do, and that's for sure, and all Aussies thank England every day, for taking Rolf off our hands and consciences.
    Here's another, better Rolf, for a minute of pure joy, please listen here to Rowlf & Fozzie Bear performing a tune by an Australian, Percy Grainger.
    Perce, his Mum, and the bath-towel couture, is a very rewarding Guugle.

  10. Gorgeous photo. And as for kookaburras, well.

    I have German friends who had heard the 'kookaberry song' (as they termed it)children and found it hilarious. I was subsequently renamed Kookaberry and ordered to sing it whenever I walked into the room.

  11. oh Miss D - that was so german of them. I hope you were enjoying stylish arty Berlin at the time.
    My Melbourne blogger link Paraidoliac Eyes runs her gorgeous Berlin photos all the time, and her blogging is very like yours - insane social life I enjoy by proxy. mwah mwah to you

  12. corrected P.Eyes link. Never work from URL-memory.

  13. What a beautiful tree and photo - and as for bird calls who will ever forget Graham Kennedy's immitation of the Crow...Faaark!!!