01 May 2010

all just anodyne here

This is my photo of a gorgeous baby alpaca that I looked after while the owners were on holiday.
Note it is wearing a tiny Drizabone coat. Mother Agnes is the tall red alpaca left of the group.
The proper name for a baby alpaca is 'cria', so put that on your Scrabble board for free.


  1. Cute. Do they behave a bit like goats?

  2. oh Andrew ... like goats who have been to grammar schools.
    They have neat paddocks too - all lining up to 'go' in just one place.
    Alpacas have lovely manners and are very sociable. They rush to the fence and compete to say hello.

  3. So cute and looks like he's surveying his domain :D

  4. They have the look of mini dinosaurs from a distance, munching away happily.

    I love that one is named after a nun.

  5. Hello Antikva - I'd bet that you are making something lovely right now.
    Yes Elisabeth - Catholic owners.
    I built Agnes a huge and beautiful soft nest for her baby to arrive in ... and they all ate it.

  6. So cute - and looks rather content sitting at the front of the bunch!

  7. cria - I think I've seen that as a word verification.

  8. I think I've got a cardigan made out of one of them.

  9. Miss ODyne.

    Your wit is consistently good. I've always said so.
    It's you; the best of you.

  10. Is that baby one pure white...and look how its looking right at you where the others are all feeding their faces...

  11. Thanks everybody, and MC? - he is only 2 days old and freaked out by simply existing. snowy white and wearing a brown coat.
    I can recommend the blog of Kass above - she built a deck on her house all alone on a sloping mountainside.