18 May 2010

acCumulated Kyneton

Autumn in Kyneton Victoria copyright Ann O'Dyne.

Joni Mitchell looked at clouds and saw ‘rows and flows of angel hair and ice-cream castles in the air’.
The technical names for cloud formations are conventionally Latin words chosen to match characteristic shapes, and so when weather-watchers recently identified a new type of cloud that has hitherto escaped classification, the name proposed for it was the Latin word asperatus, meaning ‘roughened’.

*goes off singing a beloved composition* ...
David 'asperatus' Ruffin's -
'I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day,
my girl.
I've even got the month of May,
With my girl
... '

Now please do visit the absolutely enjoyful Cloud Appreciation Society for an evanescent good time. The founder named his child Cirrus.

(thanks to Chambers Dictionary for some of the text above)


  1. I do like a good cloud. Well captured.

  2. Magnificent! Sunny post, 'weather' it's trying to be or not!

  3. Cirrus - what a lovely name and to be sure the child is growing up to be fine, flighty and whispy? (seriously though, it's a lovely name)

    Being married to Love Chunks the meteorologist means that we too tend to observe the clouds' scientific names whilst on long drives or bike rides. I still chuckle to think that Mammatus were named by some ancient science geeks because they look like drooping boobies!

  4. Cirrus is quite a nice name. It evokes memories of bygone times. And it's much easier to spell as a kid than Cumulonimbus.

  5. Andrew - thank you. it was dusk and a lovely atmosphere.
    Kass = very droll, thanks.
    Kath - a bloke sees mammatus wherever he looks.
    Miss Diarist - children needs names that they can spell themselves, as soon as possible.
    wishing you all blue skies.

  6. Gorgeous cloud pic! You are such a gadabout at the moment, I can't keep up!

    My favourite thing to do is watching clouds float past me.

  7. Neat, I just put Gavin's book on my wish list before I came here. I couldn't resist buying another full of magnificent unusual cloud photos.