20 April 2010

Onya bike Carl

Babyface Nelson was a gangster spawned by US alcohol prohibition about 1930, and his crimes distracted the less-affluent class of society, from the privations of The Great Depression.

Recently, the activities of our very own baby-faced criminal has distracted tabloid society. Carl*Williams was bred into crime and could not take any other path in life, or out of it.
We can only hope his child escapes this heritage.

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A family friend expressed dismay at the fact that Williams was killed in jail.

''It's supposed to be maximum security, isn't it?''

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner said it was ''too early to say'' whether the killing was linked to a report in the Herald Sun yesterday saying Victoria Police had paid Dhakota Williams' private school fees.

I wonder why it is too early to say? The resourceful murderer dismantled an exercise bike to use as a weapon. Even I could have seen the potential, so I assume prison management was complicit.

"Williams' ex-wife Roberta arrived at the prison last night.

A man who answered her mobile phone said ''f--- off, you goose''. (from The Age report.)


  1. Ten year old Sapph and I were sitting in the doctor's surgery this morning, waiting for her allergy injections and of course the telly was on. Kerry Anne even had a story about Carl.

    Sapph watched intently and then said, "His poor kids. In every photo outside of the jail or court he's holding one of his kids. Who'd want to have a dad like that?"


  2. Glad to see you are alive and well Brownie :)

    Karma is a weird thing. First Rocco (Mr La Porchetta) dying in a bike accident, now this. I don't believe in divine retribution but these coincidences do offer a glimmer of hope.

    Sadly their kids are the ones who suffer, like their victims families. It's always the innocent ones who bear the burden.

    Kath re those photos, maybe he used his kids as human shields?

  3. Thanks Kath and AOF. new report of remark by the unfortunately named prison boss wise-rod ROD WISE -
    "Mr Wise said closed-circuit television had not recorded the incident.

    "It would have been nice, obviously, to have identified the issue earlier but there are investigations that are taking place and they will consider whether we were remiss in any way in not picking it up," he said.

    "But I'm reasonably satisfied at the moment that things were done appropriately."

    Mr (not so ) Wise said prisoners in the Acacia Unit had access to several items that could be used as weapons."

    hilarious incompetence.

  4. I agree with Kath Lockett and her daughter here, 'his poor kids'.

    How do they escape such a father, such a legacy such media hype? For all the 'private' schooling. How?

  5. "Kath" and "AOF" where are all these photos of Williams 'outside jail or court with his kids'? I've see none. There's plenty of him outside court with Veniamin; in McDonalds with his father; in Lygon Street with his wife, and so on, but none anywhere with his kids. A home video was once broadcast of him at Surfers Paradise with his kids, that's all. Saying he'd use the kids as "human shields" is hysteria (to put it nicely).
    Sycophants and greybeard commentators come out now applauding Williams' murder, as will suburbia, with all its dirty little secrets. They dance on his corpse, ignorant of what they're on about in the first place: it doesn't matter who it happens to, murder is murder.

  6. The Age has been forced to go tabloid. Australian journalism is the lowest standard in the world. People here read newspapers from Europe and America, they never read ours. We are an unimportant little colony, ever craving attention.

  7. There are a lot worse that him about, but they don't get caught because they really are the mr Bigs - he was just a tadpole compared to them.
    As with Chopper read who said "I only killed those who needed killing"

    What a world we live in

  8. Just putting his photo on the front page was enough to ensure he'd be buried in the paper and unaware of what was coming up behind him.

  9. oh welcome Sam - wonderful comment, thanks for the laugh.

  10. Roberta had him buried in a gold plated coffin. I first thought was "how ostentatious" then I wondered how long before someone tried to melt the gold off.

  11. oh yes JT - there's gold in them thar Keilor Hills. The grave will need 24-hour guards or it will be dug up for sure. How does a widow get $30K and a thing like that freighted into the country in a week?
    Is she leaving EeBay feedback "Great seller - fast delivery".
    Reading of the step-daughter Breaanana has had an effect on me too.

  12. Regardless of what he did, he was still a father and a little girl has lost her Dad. I hope her adulthood is somewhat brighter than her father's was.