28 April 2010

Last Impressions

Arrangement in chrome and ochre, Bendigo 2010, © Ann O’Dyne.

These yellow roadcases carried valuable paintings from Woollahra, NSW, to the Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria, for
Frederick McCubbin ‘Last Impressions 1907-17’
70 works depicting Melbourne and Mount Macedon (where McCubbin lived at ‘Fontainebleu’) have been curated by Dr. Anna Gray from private collections and all Australia’s major galleries.
Hanging Rock is in McCubbin country, and to enhance your gallery experience, Peter Weir’s film Picnic At Hanging Rock is on the big screen nearby at Eaglehawk’s Star Cinema ( the one with sofa-seating).
Mark your diary Saturday 29th May, and hit the Calder Highway early enough to see the paintings before the picture starts at 2pm
(picnic baskets included in the $22 ticket and drinks at bar prices) .
Adjacent to the gallery, the Botanical Gardens currently hosts The Bats, and on a footpath I saw this sleeping (I hope) baby -
for scale -... dear little Haunted Creature Of The Night.


  1. Picnic at Hanging Rock is the best of all Aussie films. The bloke who played the copper visited my stall at Wantirna market and bought something. His wife/girlfriend was with him. I said are you an actor, he said yes. "I saw you in Picnic at Hanging Rock," I said. And he faltered, seemed embarrassed: "It wasn't a bad movie..." he said. I looked away and back again. "It was marvellous, I said. "Totally marvellous." And so it was.

  2. We used to run around Hanging Rock trying to make the sound of pan pipes!

    Poor 'sleeping' bat. I bet it's 'sleeping' up somewhere a fair bit higher than the clouds now. :(

  3. oh Kath I wish I had been with you for that. those pipes can be heard on music by Chileans Inti Illimani if you want to find some. ocarina may be the name of the clay flute thingy.

    This post started out about roadcases and I was thinking of rock roadies and art roadies and being witty, but nothing witty happened.
    Bendigo Gallery was the scene of our infamous January frock-blogmeet where I was pounced on for taking a photo of the french fashion. nobody cared this time.
    oh! I have just seen I am MS instead of AOD. Multiple Personality Disorder is a management nightmare.
    peace and love to you

  4. A sleeping baby bat. Almost cute, but not quite.

  5. Regional galleries are all the go, and Genevieve at Reeling & Rithing has posted on Geelong's new exhibition Understory.

  6. Re Hanging Rock we made our own version with Don as little fat Eadie...he was brilliant - can send a copy whenever you get an address - its a classic we called Don Rock...

    Is that a bat??? my goodness me