18 January 2010

Queenscliffe - Sorrento

Today I crossed Port Phillip Bay.
This is my snap of the other ferry passing on the opposite crossing, and that protrusion on the horizon is Arthur's Seat. Sometimes you can see it on this webcam at The Rip.
The wind off The Rip today was beyond description, The Spirit Of Tasmania crossed our bow, and the south end of the Mornington Peninsula was absolutely jumping. OZONE was in the air.
UPDATE: here is photo of Kath Blurb From The Burbs Lockett coming through The Heads on The Spirit of Tasmania.


  1. G'day Ann
    I LOVE that ferry trip - it's a helluva lot better than the Spirit of Tassie, which we were on, by the way.

  2. Did it on the 21st, both ways from Sorrento to Queenscliff! You're right about the breeze. Did you notice what a perfect swimming pool the pile of bluestone for the 19th century gun emplacement now called Pope's Eye makes?

  3. Hi LL - good ta see ya. I missed the Pope's Eye thing. Must have been distracted by dreading the drive west from Queenscliffe to Warncoort. The Princes Hwy is vile and the next time you read about a fatality, have no sympathy - they are sure to have deserved it. I did the speed limit all the weary way, and was passed at great speed by Everybody Else, sometimes on double lines.
    My rare glimpse of The Peninsula Playground put me off my long-stay return there from this Friday.
    After years over here in the WD paddocks, the la-di-da ha ha people in Sorrento made me feel a bit plain. I did wonder, when passing Portsea, whose house had the helicopter on the lawn.

  4. It is a nice trip. Hope you did not have to wait too long to get aboard. Last time we went, we had to miss the next sailing and wait for the following one.

  5. Isn't that last photo wild...its very beautiful...there is so much I haven't done yet...even a ferry ride...must make myself learn how to live again i think

  6. "...that protrusion on the horizon is Arthur's Seat."

    Shouldn't there be another protrusion, to make a complete arse out of itself?

  7. hi ann,
    we have several beaches here in Vancouver, we are an island, we have spanish banks, jerrico, 1st beach, 2nd beach (lol) and 3rd beach as well and they first two i mentioned look a lot like your shot from the ferry, we take a ferry to Vancouver island, there is so much water around us no matter where we go, unfortunately the 2010 visitors for the olympics will not get a chance to see the teeny weeeny girls in painted on shorts and roller blades gliding along the seawall showing more skin than the sun bathers,:) its a wee bit to early for the beach, noo its never to early for the beach its too early to sun bathe. you have a facinating blog-site ann,