29 December 2009


He wrote a genuine (no ghost writer) autobiography, My Booky Wook, which is more than most of them can claim.
He was brilliant to stand-out from a stand-out bunch in the recent St.Trinians movie.
He does stand-up comedy.
He basically played himself in Forgetting Sara Marshall and stole the movie.

I just adore @Rusty - follow him on Twitter and be beguiled.
Not only could he look like Jaqueline Onassis if he tidied up, but also, he has a website - He has just bought a house in Beverly Hills with Katy P so I would not be surprised if he does clean up his appearance. That's what happened to Billy Connolly when he moved there. LA will do that to you. Both of them obsessive character types (Mr Connolly is a recovering alcoholic) and another one is also one of my favourite dark funny clever bad boys Robert Downey Jnr. Of course if you're reading this, you may have an obsession with your keyboard/ISP nexus, and don't look to me for help either.
This post inspired by a discussion on obsessions at Elisabeth's SixthInLine blog.


  1. Ah, now I know who Rusty is and the link with obsessions. thanks AnnO Dyne

  2. I didn't think I had any obsessions until I sat for an hour putting my audio cassettes in their proper cases. I don't like iPods, can't stand earphones shoved so far in they're in danger of shooting out my nose.
    St. Trinian's is on special at BigW just in time for pension day.

  3. Andrew Sachs probably doesn't share your opinion of Mr Russell, Annie. His granddaughter's still none too impressed either.

  4. oh Bri - no no no.
    Any girl poncing about in a band called SATANIC SLUTS who then goes home with Rusty ...
    and as for dear sweet old Manuel - he's an actor fer chrissakes.
    None of them can call Foul!
    It was a beat-up by the press anyhow.
    The BBC should never have let the show go out - they had a 6-second delay they didn't use.
    None of it Rustys fault. It was really all about Jonafwon Woss getting 18 million quid a year from the BBC. and that wasn't Rustys fault either.

    *goes off singing we are St.trinians ... defenders of anarchy*

  5. As if I needed proof of advancing years, I instantly recognised the photo of Jackie Kennedy - in somewhat less than milliseconds!

  6. Annie,

    Apparently nobody actually complained about the Andrew Sachs incident until a week or so later when the press took umbrage and ran one of their 'This evil must be stopped' articles. Just goes to show how thick Sun readers actually if we needed any more evidence.

  7. Obsessions are the carrot for the horse-of-a-different-color-artist who trots along and actually sticks her neck out far enough to nibble on the carrot, then make art out of the droppings....I know, that was pretty bad, but possibly something Rusty would say.

  8. He's brilliant... I have his stand up DVD...just fluked him...

    Thank you as well for the Chrissie card...I would return the favour but you have no address...much appreciated Brownie

  9. Hi Ann! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment...yeah, the tutu aisle was a bit much, eh?

    PS I love Russell Brand...that man is hysterical, and every time he popped up on screen in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" I tried not to swoon.

    But swoon I did.

    Hope you have a lovely New Year!

  10. You know i must be the only person to have never seen him in anything other than blurry pap photos.

    I'll make 2010 a year of finding out more about him. I do wish he'd lose the eyeliner and meggings though....

  11. Oh yes - with Matt Lucas as Onassis? He's going to need the work after his pending divorce payout.



  12. I find him fascinating. Although I'd be rather afraid of sleeping with him lest I caught something.

  13. He's got the dark brooding thing down pat, alright. Never seen his act. If he's funny, great.

  14. yes he's a real LAD - his stand-up is a ranting stream of consciousness and he obviously has a high IQ.
    rent the DVD of St.Trinians or Forgetting Sarah Marshall - it won't hurt. he plays himself in both.
    Thanks for swinging by.

  15. rather late on the uptake here, but I ADORE Russ.
    I disovered him when I lived in the UK a few years ago, when he was hosting Big Brother's Big Mouth. I loved his anarchic ways. I then discovered his weekly radio show with his best mate Matt Morgan and it took off from there.

    I'd recommend d/ling them from here if you're interested: There's a link whereby you can get the whole lot at once I think... there's over a hundred episodes. His stream of consciousness stuff is amazing, pure genius at times. In particular the live earth episode they did was brilliance.
    I'm not sure what to think of his recent engagement, given he's a sex addict I worry that it won't last, but it's not my life!


  16. Dear Fen - never too late to talk about RB. Yes yes - the stream of consciousness - it cannot be done with an empty head.
    I had never heard of him till I saw St.Trinians where he WAS/channelled George Cole's beloved Flash Harry.
    oh dear - will he look like Mr Cole when he ages?
    It is clearly evident RB has an Obsessive Personality, and Miz Katy is the current focus. I predict he will go straight** very soon, and possibly out-christian her folks.
    No shades of grey from Rusty. oh no.

    ** the hair is already settling neatly.

  17. I thought his show, Ponderland was hilarious.